Pocket DriveSM uses connected car technology to help you solve some of your biggest challenges and gain the competitive edge you’re looking for. Increase your revenue. Reduce your expenses. Streamline your operations.

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Our clients love Assurant because we help them boost profits and run their dealerships more efficiently. Take the guesswork out of connected vehicle technology and get the most out of your inventory.

Assurant: a connected vehicle technology provider that helps you win big

Pocket Drive turns most OBD II-compliant cars into connected cars, giving you an edge in terms of inventory management and the timely service your customers want.

Choose us as your connected car provider and let us help you create new revenue streams and get higher CSI scores with features like:

Vehicle Onboarding

Get your new vehicles ready to sell faster by quickly adding them to digital inventory. Record damage or mechanical issues for faster reimbursement from the transport company or OEM.

Car Dealership Inventory Management

Keeping tabs on your inventory has never been simpler. Real time tracking and easy access through a mobile interface means you can reduce costs while improving customer service.

Real Time Tracking

Offer sales staff real-time tracking via mobile devices for all vehicles in the inventory, enabling smarter test drives. Detects whether the desired vehicle is obstructed by another one so the sales person can make one trip out to the lot with both sets of keys.

Rent/Loaner Platform

Provides new revenue opportunities for dealers by empowering them to start or expand their own rental program. Quickly checks vehicles in and out of the lot digitally an dentures reimbursement if they’re returned under-fueled.


Pocket Drive Mobile

Disturbance Alerts

Build more peace of mind with instant alerts on your smartphone or smart watch for unexpected disturbances or vehicles movement after hours.

Location Finder

Tracks and locates vehicles in real time, on or off the lot. Sets geofences and pinpoints the location of a vehicle at any point in time.

Driving Behavior

Keeps tabs on driving behavior and avoids accidents that could increase expenses. Prompts real-time alerts to help address problematic driving behavior before it becomes costly.

Vehicle Readiness Monitor

Alerts the lot manager when a vehicle isn’t ready for a test drive to ensure every car in the inventory is ready to go. Monitors fuel and battery levels.

Your Customers Can Connect and Go

Learn about the features that are making Pocket Drive smarter, simpler and safer for consumers.