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Insider Tip for F&I Selling: The 4 Key Elements of Focus Groups

In this tip for increasing F&I sales at your dealership, Ty Viger, Regional Vice President at Assurant Dealer Services, walks through the importance of focus groups.

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Will Online Car Shopping Be the New Normal After COVID-19?

COVID-19 has digitized almost every shopping experience — and car-buying is no different. Read our insights on what car buyers now expect of their experience.

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Hiring in the Auto Industry: It’s a Puddle, Not a Pool

Assurant strives to hire the right candidate for positions and guide them with the tools needed for them to be successful. Assurant is devoted to making the workplace exceed the expectations of new hires.

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How Dealers Are Combating Current Labor Market Conditions

Read about how to create a supportive environment in a volatile automotive labor market.

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Here's Why Electric Vehicles are Taking the Global Stage

Electric vehicles are getting a new wave of attention, and validly so. As consumer demand for EV continues to grow, new considerations and innovations are entering the auto industry.

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Woman test driving car with mask on

All Roads Lead to the Test Drive: Automotive Customer Experience in the Connected Decade

While the car buying process is becoming more digital, our research shows that buyers won't replace everything with a digital process, especially the coveted test drive.

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