About Assurant

We help people thrive in a connected world.

The world is more connected than ever. Smart technology is empowering connectivity everywhere, from our phones and wearables to our homes and cars. Assurant supports the businesses that are advancing the connected world for their customers, making technology more accessible and eco-friendly.

  • 365

     on the Fortune 500
  • 300M+

    customers supported worldwide
  • 13K

    global employees delivering local solutions
  • 21

  • 365

     on the Fortune 500
  • 300M+

    customers supported worldwide
  • 13K

    global employees delivering local solutions
  • 21


What products and services does Assurant offer?

Assurant is a leading global provider of comprehensive risk management solutions for the auto, lifestyle, and housing protection sectors. We help businesses manage the risks of property damage, liability, and financial loss, theft, and natural disasters.

We design insurance, protection products, and support services that help businesses provide premium customer experiences and inspire deeper customer loyalty. Our teams combine digital intelligence and expert human insight to deliver the support and protection people need to take full advantage of the connected world.

Assurant's Business Services

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Comprehensive coverage across products designed to optimize program performance

Customer Support

Omni-channel tech support, tools and information
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Service & Repairs

In-store servicing, come-to-you repair, and everything in between

Risk Management

Data analytics, loss draft, deposit management, fraud and recovery


Device lifecycle, supply chain and inventory management
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What are we working on?

Every day, Assurant teams around the world leverage new research and industry insights to help business partners and their customers thrive in a connected world. Stay up-to-date on the latest news and industry insight trends within the connected world by clicking here.
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Q1 2024 Mobile Trade-In and Upgrade Data Trends Review

Our Trade-In and Upgrade Data Trends Review highlights some interesting movements in the industry during the first quarter of this year.

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Is it Time to Take a Fresh Look at Your Equipment Protection Offerings?

In the world of equipment sales, the value of offering protection products is widely known in the industry. And in today’s competitive market, no stone should be left unturned when looking for ways to improve your business.

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Minimizing E-Waste and Maximizing Value: Device Circularity as a Core Business Strategy

A Q&A with Rebekah Griffiths, Assurant’s VP of Product Management – Device Lifecycle Solutions on the impact of device circularity

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Claims are processed digitally through tech-led solutions like APEX


Mobile devices sustainably repurposed around the world
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Mobile megatrends driving device adoption, trade-ins, and upgrades


Years of research and innovation across the Connected Decade
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Corporate Citizenship

Helping people thrive in a connected world is about more than products and services. It’s about giving back to the communities where we live and work, and building the best possible environment for our employees. And, yes, it’s about designing products and services for sustainability and equity, too. 
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Sustainability That Strengthens Business

Our 2020 to 2025 areas of focus are centered on enhancing our talent, innovating around products, and improving our impact on global climate. 
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Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Assurant, we celebrate the differences that make us who we are. Together, we're working to remove barriers, ensuring equity for everyone. The pursuit of inclusion rests with each of us.