The vehicle world is moving fast. Vehicle margins are tight, and you’re looking for new ways to compete.

The Assurant Performance InstituteTM can help every member of your team build the skills they need to stay ahead of the curve.

Our highly flexible F&I training is a complete playbook for the kind of measurable behavior change that boosts customer experience and your bottom line. We can help you comply with laws and regulations. Our high-performance automotive finance training programs will prepare your team and your business for success … today and down the road. We’re the world’s leading provider of F&I solutions. And we know your business. Trust Assurant to help you sharpen your edge, connect with your customers and accelerate your path to success.

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Learn essential skills for F&I and sales success

From best practices for achieving profitable virtual F&I delivery and increasing PVR and deal yield, to running a productive team and earning trust with customers,  our market-leading 2-hour, live workshops are available free for the first time.

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Here's what our Finance and Insurance training can do for your dealerships: F&I Training Benefits

  • Successfully manage change in your organization
  • Drive departmental-process improvement with a focus on ROI
  • Maximize fixed-operations results
  • Improve lease-customer retention
  • Leverage customer feedback to build sales loyalty
  • Assess and improve: sell it right, deliver it right, and fix it right
  • Conduct behavioral skills training
  • Assess CSI or customer loyalty criteria
  • Help reduce compliance risk


F&I Training isn’t an event. It’s a game plan.

Our interactive teaching method uses group discussion, roleplay, and performance evaluation to ensure each employee's thorough understanding and competency. These practice sessions simulate real-world experiences, and model the skills necessary to increase an employee's grasp of customer-centered selling.


Your training. Your way.

Comprehensive, customized coursework, online or in the classroom. Some dealerships can’t do without a sales associate for a week. Online coursework from the Assurant Performance Institute is a flexible option for busy, time-strapped teams. Other dealerships prefer traditional classroom training. Our high-touch, in-person support is unmatched in the industry. Do you have specific issues that you need to address? We offer customized training designed just for you. Think of the Assurant Performance Institute as a part of your team. And get the training you need, just the way you want it.

Class is never dismissed.

We’re there for your team, with career-building support year after year. A strong bench is a great way to keep your business growing. From group discussions to roleplay, we’ve got the right mix to help every member of your team reach their highest potential. Regular performance evaluations set benchmarks and provide ongoing feedback to ensure they stay on track. At the Assurant Performance Institute, training isn’t an event. It’s a game plan.

Your team deserves the best.

Assurant is the industry’s premier F&I training resource.Assurant is an F&I pioneer, with 50 years in the vehicle industry. We know your business and understand the challenges you’re facing, like margin pressures, rapidly changing technology and sky-high customer expectations. Assurant has your back, with the right products, the right reinsurance structure and one of the most comprehensive training program in the industry. Generations of F&I professionals have trained with Assurant. Now it’s your turn.

F&I Training for Dealer Success

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