Case Study: Top-Tier F&I Training Drives Top Performance Results

The right training can unlock the true potential of an employee, turning a good FSM into a superstar. That’s what Jim Shorkey Auto Group, a leading Mid-Atlantic dealer group with 10+ rooftops, discovered when they enrolled one of their emerging talents in the Automotive Training Academy by AssurantTM. The Automotive Training Academy helps train and develop top FSM talent. 

Graph depicting Jim Shorkey Auto Case Study Results

Training for the Auto Finance Department

Dealership management from the Jim Shorkey Auto Group identified Jessica M. as a high-potential employee within their finance department. To take immediate advantage of that potential, dealership management enrolled her in our FSM 101 class in Chicago, Illinois. This intensive, one-week course ensures that FSMs learn the ins and outs of improving sales and leadership skills while learning industry best practices.

Course study for the FSM 101 class includes:

  • Ethics and compliance
  • Regulations and disclosures
  • Principles of selling
  • Structuring a menu presentation
  • Pre-interview and interview discovery process
  • Objection handling

Immediate Impact of F&I Training

After training, Jessica immediately improved production, averaging a market leading standard in PVR. And that was just the beginning. A dealer representative from Assurant continued to work with Jessica one-on-one to reinforce core skills and refine behavioral skills.

“While Jessica was already great at gaining trust and providing a great customer experience, she could be shy and non-confrontational when it came to customer objections,” said Chris George, a District Manager for Assurant.

“We spent several months working with Jessica to ensure her interview processes and objection handling were aligned with the best practices she learned in her coursework.”

Long-Term Impact of F&I Training

Jessica’s numbers continued to increase year-over-year, achieving a 21% PVR increase in 2018 and another 20% increase in 2019. She also achieved a 50% VSC attachment rate, a 69% GAP attachment rate and financed 89% of her customers in 2019.

Jessica achieved a 50% VSC attachment rate, a 69% GAP attachment rate and financed 89% of her customers in 2019.


“Jessica became more confident both in herself and the process. Dealer management is definitely thrilled with her performance. She has become a top 3 producer in the import store, and her attachment rates are exceptional,” George noted.

By providing knowledge, tools and hands-on training, Assurant helped Jessica thrive as an FSM, and become a competitive advantage for Jim Shorkey Auto Group.

“The Automotive Training Academy taught me to provide a customer experience that is more than just presenting products and services. By engaging the customer in a conversation about their lifestyle, driving habits and budget, I’m better equipped to address objections and offer value where it’s most relevant. And the training never stops. Chris is here every month to assess my performance and help me set specific targets, so I can continue to improve my process, my PVR and overall performance.”

--Jessica M.

How Assurant Helps FSMs Thrive:

  • Improve leadership and management skills
  • Develop effective listening and communication skills
  • Educate staff on regulations and compliance
  • Coach handling customer objections
  • Provide post-class one-on-one training to further develop skills 

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