The Automotive Training Academy by Assurant

Dealership Training that Transforms Team Performance

In a changing world, you need to maximize performance and profitability throughout your dealership in new ways. Consistent access to expert training in the format that fits your needs is critical to driving PVR and increasing customer loyalty. To provide the best possible development and dealership training services to our partners, The Performance Institute and American Financial’s Automotive Training Academy have joined forces to create the new Automotive Training Academy by Assurant. Our team of tenured automotive trainers bring decades of experience and knowledge that drives performance and profitability, so you can reach your goals. And, to make sure you have the flexibility to schedule training around your team's needs, we offer courses in the dealership, at in-person workshops and online.

The Automotive Training Academy Course Overview

F&I Training

Get immediate-impact training that drives PVR and penetration rates, and increases CSI scores

Sales Training

Develop a high-performance sales team with our proven 5-step process for personalized customer experiences online and offline

Development & Compliance

Foster career growth, employee retention and improved performance with consistent, well-rounded training for your team

Service Training

Increase customer retention with training around customized service programs that improve current and future profits

Next-Gen Online Training for Flexible Learning

Time is precious, and every minute a top producer is away from the dealership could be costly. To accommodate your needs and provide your team with vital knowledge and expertise needed to succeed, we offer interactive online training that helps build F&I, sales and leadership skills across your team. Just like our in-person training, online training through the Automotive Training Academy ensures that every employee, from entry-level to the most experienced professionals, will gain skills needed to make an immediate impact on your profits.

Assurant Virtual Learning Platform

Subscribe to our next-gen learning platform to access self-guided dealership training and live coaching through video and online roleplay scenarios that build effective real-life  skills.

Dealership Training is a Long-Term Plan, Not a One-Time Event

The Automotive Training Academy takes a hands-on training approach that allows attendees to learn while they practice new and innovative techniques. Interactive teaching methods such as group discussions, simulated role-play experiences, and performance evaluations are used in correlation with the latest dealership training curriculum to enhance the attendee’s understanding and proficiency with the course material. And training doesn’t stop once the course ends. Our virtual learning platform provides continuous education opportunities that automotive professionals can use to sharpen their skills at any time. 

With the Automotive Training Academy, your dealership will have the knowledge and tools needed to stay competitive in the ever-changing automotive market.


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