Transform Your Dealership’s EV Sales:

Mindset Training for Increased Profits and Customer Satisfaction

Master EV Sales Techniques and Build EV Sales Confidence

How do you attract EV buyers and retain them throughout their ownership experience? How do you inspire confidence and plug into the EV buyer psychology? EV inventory is expanding rapidly with more models on the way. Customers are hesitant and have complex questions that only experts can answer. Dealers need to prepare their sales teams to be able to support customers and be proactive about the EV sales process. 

Overcome EV Sales Objections:

Understanding the EV Customer Mindset

Fully support the EV customer from the time they walk into the dealership to the time they’re charging at home. Train your team to confidently answer common customer objections about EVs.

Battery and replacement worries

Battery life and replacement worries

Lack of knowledge about EVs

Lack of knowledge about EVs

Maintenance misconceptions

Maintenance misconceptions

EV Range anxiety

EV range anxiety

Charging infrastructure concerns

Charging infrastructure concerns

Higher upfront cost

Higher upfront cost

Who should attend?

This course is open to sales professionals of all experience levels who want to take their careers to the next level. Master EV sales techniques and position your team to become the foremost EV subject matter experts in your area. Reduce customer hesitation and shorten sales cycles.

Can your sales team confidently guide customers through the EV buying journey?

Prepare your sales professionals to provide a clear, confident presentation to any customer on any electric vehicle. The EV Sales Professional’s Blueprint course provides the knowledge and tools your sales team needs to guide customers through the EV buying journey.

Help your team build value by understanding your customers’ needs and creating a connection around their lifestyle. And prepare them to effectively engage with the right solutions that create a positive EV mindset and customer experience.

  • Navigate the EV customer journey with confidence
  • Provide an introduction to EV ownership and help break the barriers to entry
  • Clearly convey the advantages of electric vehicles ownership vs. internal combustion engines
  • Define the various types of electric vehicles
  • Advise on fast charging vs. normal, and assessing battery health 
  • Make the transition easier with guidance and options for hassle-free charger installation, financing, and protection
  • Help lower purchase costs by educating on potential incentives and rebates
  • Calculate fuel cost comparisons between EVs and internal combustion engine vehicles
  • Provide clear explanations of available incentives
  • Explain benefits of EV ownership including maintenance cost savings driving performance 
  • Get your customers excited about some of the most fun-to-drive technology on the road
a car parked in front of a building

Provide EV Solutions That Build Value — and Confidence

a car parked in front of a building

  • Improve customer satisfaction with customer-centric EV protection
  • Boost PVR as offerings — and inventory increase
  • Overcome objections with even more innovative solutions

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Become an EV lifestyle expert.