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Enhance your customer experience with Assurant Vehicle Care Appearance Protection
Buying a new vehicle is more than a major purchase — it’s an investment your customers will want to keep looking great. Helping your customers protect that investment can improve your customer experience, drive sales volume, and result in more repeat customers down the line. Assurant Vehicle Care Appearance Protection uses industry-leading protection products to safeguard the interior and exterior vehicle surfaces. And it’s designed for dealership growth with inflation-ready pricing and a convenient digital customer experience. With appearance protection, your customers can keep their new or used vehicle looking showroom new and you can enjoy more repeat customers and improved revenue down the road.

Premium appearance protection from the world leader in F&I

A convenient digital customer experience

Pricing that maximizes profitability and protection

Assurant Vehicle Care Appearance Protection

Assurant Vehicle Care is an optimized F&I appearance protection product offering expanded coverage terms, a convenient digital customer experience, and optimized product pricing for long-term dealer profitability.
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With Appearance Protection, you get:

  • Choice of three top-rated protection formula manufacturers 
  • Expanded coverage terms and reduced number of F&I forms 
  • Simplified F&I processes 
  • Optimized product pricing designed to maintain profitability  
  • Flexible, tiered coverage options personalized to driver needs, budget, and driving style
  • Seamless digital car care and contract management 
  • A suite of needs-based, omnichannel marketing tools that help build value by coverage level
  • No out-of-pocket expense for covered repairs
  • All five participation options and the ability to quickly switch between them
  • Dedicated in-dealership support from the leader in F&I

Advanced protection backed by a limited warranty

Assurant Vehicle Care uses the latest advancements in protection technology to preserve vehicle interior and exterior surfaces. And it’s backed by the Appearance Protection Limited Warranty at no additional cost. In the unlikely event that Appearance Protection fails to protect a vehicle’s exterior or interior treated surfaces, we’ll pay to remedy the damaged areas, including the cost of reapplying the Appearance Protection product.

Exterior Protection

Appearance Protection uses environmentally friendly products to protect the vehicle’s treated exterior to help keep it looking newer longer.

  • Tree sap 

  • Bird droppings 

  • Acid rain 

  • Salt and mineral deposits 

  • Brake dust staining of aluminum and alloy wheels 

  • Fading or dulling of headlight lenses

Interior Protection

Appearance Protection protects or repairs treated interior fabric, carpets, leather, and vinyl from damage from the elements.

  • Weather-induced fading, cracking, and discoloration 
  • Permanent food and drink stains 

  • Pet stains 

  • Burns up to 1 inch 

  • Rips and tears up to 6 inches 

  • Punctures up to 1/4 inch 

Our Suite of F&I Products

Assurant Vehicle Care Online

Give your customers an intuitive digital experience that takes the hassle out of car care. With Assurant Vehicle Care Online, your customers can conveniently manage their service contracts online or on the app.

Assurant Vehicle Care Online provides easy-to-use digital tools for your customers to manage their product policies and keep their vehicles in tiptop condition. These powerful features strengthen your core business by improving your customer experience. Streamlining customer service. And increasing customer retention. Assurant Vehicle Care Online is the smart way to enhance customer loyalty for your business.

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