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A certified pre-owned warranty that benefits your business

While OEM programs are effective in driving sales, their cost-to-benefit ratios rarely measure up when it comes to driving revenue. That’s why smart dealerships choose Assurant Resource Automotive. Our certified pre-owned warranty programs boost sales and provide a revenue stream that really benefits your business.

Joe Pazienza recently helped close two deals…He was able to generate $1,840 dollars on those transactions with 100% warranty penetration and 100% maintenance penetration. Good selling!”

―Jeffrey Bethel, Managing Partner, Dick Smith Ford (Raytown, MO)

Features & Highlights

All packages feature our new automated fulfillment process, which includes:


QCertified® can drive higher sales volumes and greater gross margins, and enhance customer loyalty.

QCertified is one of the best certified pre-owned warranty programs on the market today. Developed with input from dealers, our program gives you more control over processing and pricing of certified pre-owned vehicles. Using our automated fulfillment process, dealership owners can view sorted and prepared sales data directly on their in-house computer system.

Tailored to your specific goals, our programs get results. QCertified offers several certified pre-owned warranty program options to meet the needs of your customers. Our package covers all new and used vehicles, with benefits that include emergency roadside assistance, trip interruption, road hazard and rental options. A turnkey approach provides you with the software, window stickers, the FTC's Buyers Guide and point-of-sale brochures – basically, everything you need to start and grow your program.

Let us show you how QCertified can drive higher sales volumes, greater gross margins and enhance customer loyalty.


QCertified® Pre-Owned Limited Warranty

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