Building relationships and protecting customers with Guaranteed Asset Protection

Protective GAP Insurance

Financing a vehicle can feel like a huge risk. If something happens to a customer's vehicle before their loan or lease agreement is paid off, the impact can be devastating. But you can help protect your customers with Guaranteed Asset Protection. GAP can help pay the difference between what an insurer pays and the amount still owed on the loan.

GAP Product Protection

Offering peace of mind and added security benefits against unforeseen circumstances.

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GAP at Assurant

When you offer your customers GAP protection, you’re not just adding a new source of income. You’re building a relationship. By helping your customers plan for the unexpected, you’re building trust and a customer base that returns to your dealership year after year, and recommends you to others. 

As a GAP coverage provider, we offer coverage as a waiver to your customer's retail installment sales contract or lease contract. Our program is backed by Virginia Surety Company, Inc., an A. M. Best A (Excellent) rated property and casualty insurer. And our GAP coverage's benefits are easily assignable to a creditor.

Features & Highlights

Assurant is a trusted GAP coverage provider for dealerships throughout the U.S. and around the world. We’ve been serving the auto industry for more than 50 years. Dealerships trust us because of our financial strength, customizable products and supportive service.
  • Backed by the Virginia Surety Company, Inc., an A. M. Best A (Excellent) rated property and casualty insurer
  • Easily assignable to a creditor to whom the buyer/lessee of a vehicle makes the loan/lease payments
  • Waiver amount reduced by payments in arrears or late fees associated with such late payments 
  • Does not waive the difference created by financing more than 150% of the vehicle’s retail value 
  • If physical damage insurance is not in effect on the date of loss, then the value of the vehicle will be determined by using the most current edition of a nationally recognized used vehicle pricing guide 
  • Reinsured or Retro participation options available 
  • GAP plan is transferable and cancellable
  • State and lender variations apply