Drive F&I profitability with the Assurant Vehicle Care Service Contract

Each year, more sophisticated technology is built into customer vehicles — from collision avoidance technology to advanced keyless entry and remote starting systems. This can make vehicle maintenance and care more costly and complex. And it can affect the overall ownership experience. Our all-new Assurant Vehicle Care Service Contract can help. With the service contract, your customers get the comprehensive, flexible, protection they need to maximize their coverage. And it features a digitally optimized experience that allows them to manage their contract when and where they like. So, you can add more value to their customer experience and maintain profitability in a rapidly changing world. 

Digital-first customer experience

Pricing that maximizes protection and profitability

More coverage and more flexibility for better attachment

More features and coverage. Improved F&I product performance.

In today’s economy, F&I performance is more important than ever. Assurant Vehicle Care Vehicle Service Contract is an enhanced F&I product that does more for your customers, so you can maximize every transaction and every customer encounter.  


With the service contract, you get:

  • Expanded coverage and term choice, including exotic, high mileage, used vehicles, and rideshare
  • Easy-to-manage F&I service contract with more approvals and simplified processes
  • Added flexibility with tiered coverage and deductible options
  • A digitally optimized digital car care and contract management experience with Assurant Vehicle Care Online
  • A suite of needs-based, omnichannel marketing tools that build value by system and coverage level
  • All 5 profit participation options for more wealth-building opportunities
  • Dedicated in-dealership support from Assurant Dealer Services, the world leader in F&I 

More customer benefits. Improved dealership profitability.

The Assurant Vehicle Care Service Contract offers more value with ancillary benefits optimized for today’s drivers. Like emergency roadside assistance, substitute transportation, travel expense reimbursement, and towing reimbursement. So, you can improve your customer experience and enjoy more repeat business.

Substitute transportation

Emergency travel expense reimbursement (NA in NY)

Emergency roadside assistance

Towing reimbursement

Our Suite of Assurant Vehicle Care F&I Protection Products

Assurant Vehicle Care Online

Give your customers an intuitive digital experience that takes the hassle out of car care. With Assurant Vehicle Care Online, your customers can conveniently manage their service contracts online or on the app.

Assurant Vehicle Care Online provides easy-to-use digital tools for your customers to manage their product policies and keep their vehicles in tiptop condition. These powerful features strengthen your core business by improving your customer experience. Streamlining customer service. And increasing customer retention. Assurant Vehicle Care Online is the smart way to enhance customer loyalty for your business.

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