F&I Training

Train Your F&I Team to Boost PVR in any Economy

F&I Training

With margins compressing and the customer experience becoming a mix of online and offline interactions, providing your team with comprehensive F&I training is critical to meeting your profit goals. The Automotive Training Academy offers industry-leading training for your F&I team that’s proven to help drive PVR, overall revenue and CSI scores. Whether online, in the classroom or at the dealership, our tenured training experts will help you maximize every type of transaction.

Upcoming F&I Training Classes

The Automotive Training Academy’s industry-leading F&I curriculum and online continuing education for today’s financial services manager features:

  • Five days of intensive, professional training
  • ACE F&I compliance certification
  • Online continuing education
  • Monthly interactive webcasts
  • Customized in-dealership development
  • Monthly accountability through performance tracking

All upcoming F&I training classes are offered as in-person workshops in The Woodlands, TX and Chicago, IL.

F&I Professionals: Class Registration


Starting in April, all F&I Professionals classes will be held in The Woodlands, TX.

F&I Masters: Class Registration

  • April 11-13 The Woodlands, TX

To register for the F&I Masters class, please email ATA@Assurant.com or contact your local District Manager.

F&I Training Class Overviews

Using an interactive teaching method, we’ll apply group discussions, roleplay, and performance evaluations to ensure each employee's thorough understanding and competency. These practice sessions simulate real-world experiences and model the skills necessary to increase an employee's grasp of customer-centered selling. And, since our training is designed to have an immediate impact in your F&I department, you can look forward to better revenue today and down the road. 

F&I Professionals

A 5-day interactive course for financial service managers of all experience levels that will help improve their sales and leadership skills while also developing an exceptionally profitable and legal F&I presentation. 

Attendees will develop the skills and knowledge to:

  • Work with traditional, hybrid, and mobile F&I processes
  • Increase gross profit
  • Maximize every type of transaction: Finance, cash, on-site, off-site, and virtual
  • Create need and build value in products
  • Structure deals correctly to secure funding
  • Follow a compliant pattern of practice
  • Respond effectively to customer objections
  • Create and properly disclose a customer option plan
  • Read verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Use highly effective wording

Who should attend:

Financial service managers of all experience levels, those who would like transition into a financial services manager position, and those held accountable for the presentation of F&I products and services within the dealership.

F&I Masters

A 3-day course that is designed for financial service managers who have successfully mastered the techniques taught in the Professionals course and are ready to achieve the next level of performance within their position.

Attendees will develop the skills and knowledge to:

  • Maximize opportunities with the no-visit/off-site customer
  • Hands-on video meeting presentation experience
  • Advanced table menu usage
  • Updated process that today’s consumer demands
  • Intense focus on objection handling
  • Improved situational awareness

Who should attend:

Any financial services manager, internet personnel, or hybrid salesperson, who has successfully completed the F&I Professionals course, should attend this course.

Online F&I Training that Fits Your Schedule

Time is precious, and every minute a top producer is away from the dealership could be costly. To accommodate your needs and provide your team with vital knowledge and expertise needed to succeed, we offer online F&I training courses, as well as sales and leadership courses, through the ATA On-Demand learning platform. Like our in-person training, our online courses are designed to be highly interactive and deliver immediate impact to your dealership.

ATA On-Demand

Subscribe to our next-gen learning platform to access self-guided F&I training and live coaching through video and online roleplay scenarios that build effective real-life sales skills.

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