An on-demand, online F&I training platform

Properly trained financial services managers can generate wider profit margins, reduce risk and deliver a customer experience that’s transparent and compliant. And comprehensive, effective training for your entire team is easier to come by than you think. With Assurant Virtual Learning Platform, you can stream on-demand, self-guided F&I training videos and individualized virtual performance coaching directly into your dealership.

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Integrate on-demand learning at your dealership

Through a leading-edge micro-learning platform, Assurant delivers highly engaging fundamental skills development designed to mirror our renowned instructor-led training.

Virtual Learning Platform Benefits:

  • Learning that fits conveniently into your schedule

  • Access to more than 50 on-demand F&I classes, including FSM 101 and a comprehensive suite of soft skill development courses

  • Opportunities to practice new skill sets and selling techniques in a risk-free environment with video-based role play

  • The option to activate a dedicated F&I performance Virtual Coach assigned to each team member

  • An effective way to identify areas for improvement with 4 annual written/video feedback sessions and quarterly live webinars hosted by a certified F&I instructor

Make quality training accessible anywhere

The Assurant Virtual Learning Platform allows your team to keep developing new skill sets right at their desks and uses comprehensive, online F&I training methodologies to provide high-quality e-learning across the team. Plus, when you activate Virtual Coach inside the Assurant Virtual Learning Platform, your team gets tailored, one-on-one assessments, coaching and feedback.


Video-Based Role Play
Video-based role play has always been at the core of Assurant’s training philosophy. Our next-gen learning platform seamlessly integrates video capture and upload functionality to enable online training role play for your team.


Individualized Instructor Feedback
Assurant Virtual Coach delivers individualized feedback and scoring using the same performance evaluation form or PEF methodology deployed in our instructor-led live classroom programs.


Live Virtual Group Coaching
Assurant’s Virtual Coach program provides instructor-led live group online learning sessions on a quarterly basis. These live webinars allow students to ask questions and participate in live role plays with peers nationwide.

The Assurant Virtual Learning Platform with Virtual Coach combines the best of our instructor-led F&I training programs by integrating the same guided discovery learning experience with the convenience of online learning.

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