Multifamily Housing

Improve Your Bottom Line

Make Property Management Easier

From increasing lease conversions at move-in to protecting your properties and collecting resident-owed balances at move-out, the full resident experience is in your hands. And the right tools and resources make a huge difference to your bottom line. With the right tools, your team can attract more residents and move them in faster. Increase NOI. Minimize bad debt. Provide a stronger resident experience. At Assurant, we help your teams drive results from day one.

Deposit Solutions

Sign more leases

Attract more residents and close more leases by reducing move-in costs with resident bonds.

Renters Insurance Programs

Increase protection

Offer liability-only and pay-with-rent options to increase participation. 

Recovery Solutions

Decrease bad debt

Don’t worry about collections. Quickly decrease debt without hassling former residents.

Why 7 of the Top 10 Multifamily Companies Rely on Assurant

We are a Fortune 500 company with 25+ years of multifamily experience. As an A-rated underwriter in all 50 states, Assurant has the flexibility to develop solutions that meet your specific needs and the ability to do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to compliance and debt recovery – all while providing a consistent experience for your residents.

Only Assurant gives you...

Robust ancillary revenue

Boost your bottom line with flexible compensation plans for offering Assurant at your property. As an underwriter, we can offer flexible financial structures and commission-based insurance sales opportunities.

500+ dedicated experts

Get direct access to a team of multifamily housing specialists who support your business at the executive, regional, and community levels.

A proven track record

Trusted by more than 2.5 million renters, we’ve helped recover billions of dollars in resident-caused damages and bad debt.

An A-rated underwriter

Eliminating the middleman gives us the flexibility to file the specific endorsements your property needs, from flood insurance to bedbug coverage.

Custom Integration

Our solutions integrate into your existing systems and processes without disrupting your workflow

11 Questions to Check Your Property Risk

4 Things Modern Renters Do that Put Property at Risk

We created an interactive, 11-question checklist to help you get a better idea of your portfolio’s risk exposure. Once you understand your risk exposure on a scale of low to severe risk, we can help you identify the right solutions to reduce resident-caused risk at your properties while generating more ancillary revenue and increasing efficiency in your leasing office.