Multifamily Housing

Increase NOI and resident satisfaction during unprecedented times

Strengthen Your Communities and Your Bottom Line

From increasing lease conversions at move-in to protecting your properties and collecting resident-owed balances at move-out, the full resident experience is in your hands. And the right tools and resources make a huge difference to your bottom line, especially now. With the right tools, your team can attract more residents and move them in faster. Increase NOI. Minimize bad debt. Provide a stronger resident experience when it's needed most.

At Assurant, we're putting more than 30 years' experience to work helping teams across the country successfully manage their properties through unprecedented times. We provide security deposit alternatives to increase occupancy, customizable renters insurance solutions to mitigate risk and recovery solutions to minimize bad debt. Let's work together to help your community – and communities across the country – recover and thrive.

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2.5 Million

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$4.7 Million

donated to global charities last year

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Why Assurant Was Named Move For Hunger’s Partner of the Year

Multifamily Housing Products and Services

Deposit Alternatives

Sign More Leases

Close more leases when you reduce move-in costs with resident bonds.

Renters Insurance Programs

Protect Your Properties

Offer liability-only and pay-with-rent options to increase participation. 

Multifamily Housing Collections

Decrease Bad Debt

Recover resident-owed balances without damaging your reputation.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“Assurant has the expertise, integrated capabilities and customer insight to make the insurance process seamless for our property managers and residents. Our continued partnership allows us to offer a complete portfolio of risk mitigation solutions that not only gives our residents affordable protection but also peace of mind.”

– T. Richman, Morgan Properties

“Bad debt was making it difficult to lower move in costs and remain competitive. We needed to increase occupancy without decreasing our deposits. FlexDeposit® reduced our bad debt, increased occupancy and reduced risk by allowing us to keep our deposits higher while keeping resident costs low. Combined with Assurant’s claim payments, it’s boosted our bottom line. We’ve had a great partnership.”

-C. Marx, Rincon Partners

“All of our leases require renters insurance and Assurant’s seamless process makes it easy for our residents. Onboarding was smooth and our leasing agents are well versed in introducing the program. It’s built into our leasing process and getting residents to sign up is easy. Claims have been well handled and customer service quickly resolves any issues.”

-J. Linefsky, Value Companies Inc.

“The communication we receive from our Assurant rep is much appreciated and it’s truly a pleasure to work with her. We enjoy having regular communication and insight on how the programs are working for each community. Assurant is always willing to provide training and support whenever needed.”

-A. Esposito, P.B. Bell


"Our deposit amounts weren’t covering damages left by residents after move-out. But, if we increased the deposit, we would have a difficult time with new move-ins. We needed a solution that would remain affordable for the resident. Since implementing FlexDeposit®, we’re enjoying the partnership and are happy with the results.”

-M. Aguilar, Tropicana Properties

“FlexDeposit® allowed us to reach a broader segment of our market and we found it to be cost-effective for us and our residents. We’ve also had higher occupancy and it’s served as a deterrent that’s kept many residents from breaking their lease agreements.”

-S. Epps, Fat Property

Resources for Your Multifamily Housing Team

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The Property Manager's Guide to Renter's Insurance

Since your program is only as good as its participation, it’s important to choose the right provider. Find out what to look for. 
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11 Questions to Check Your Property Risk

Answer these 11 questions to evaluate your portfolio’s risk exposure and see where you rank on a scale from low risk to severe risk.
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5 Types of Renters You Meet

When potential renters knock on the door of your leasing office, you want to be ready with the amenities and selling points that make your property their most attractive option. We did the research to help.
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Manage the Financial Impact of COVID-19

In a series of nationwide studies Assurant conducted before and during COVID-19, we saw priorities across the multifamily housing industry shift significantly. Decreasing bad debt and managing evictions now tops the list - find out more.