Security Deposit Alternatives and Tech

Sign More Leases and Limit Your Risk Exposure

Lower your risk, protect your properties and make things easier on your team with the only complete suite of deposit solutions. Assurant’s surety bond alternative and industry-first financial technology helps you cut costs, reduce bad debt and get more tenants through your door.

Offer Lower Move-In Costs with Assurant FlexDeposit

Gain a competitive advantage by attracting more residents with a solution that also lowers your risk. FlexDeposit means you get the same coverage as a traditional deposit and residents get lower upfront move-in costs. So you can increase your occupancy without sacrificing your protection.

  • Get more protection per resident dollar spent
  • Proprietary scoring methodology used to determine rates
  • Incentivize residents to sign a lease by reducing upfront move-in costs

Lower Your Risk Exposure with Integrated Collections

Lower your risk exposure and reduce bad debt with the only surety bond that includes integrated collections. With FlexDeposit, you’re guaranteed payment up to the bond amount while overages are handled by a Fortune 500-backed team of ACA-certified recovery experts.

  • Guarantees coverage without using a claims pool
  • Ensures claims are paid out quickly
  • Recovery experts handle the complexities of collections for you

Manage Compliance and Regulation Risk with Intuitive Technology

Remove the burdens of deposits with technology that handles regulations for you. Our partner Deposify simplifies the process with industry-first financial technology. By creating joint accounts between you and your tenants, you don’t have to worry about legal or bank fees.

  • Resolve disputes with technology-enabled mediation services.
  • Easily see transactions, history and reports through an online dashboard.
  • Ensure state-by-state compliance automatically.

Move in the only complete suite of deposit solutions.

Move out unnecessary complications.

Our total deposit solution makes life easier for you and your leasing office. FlexDeposit provides a flexible alternative that helps increase occupancy, while Deposify simplifies the way you manage traditional deposits. Our combined solutions make traditional deposits easier to manage while helping you cut costs, eliminate hassles and maintain compliance.

Reduce risk and improve profitability.
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