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Smart fulfillment options that drive NPS

Risk Mitigation that Delights Customers

Traditional claims processes are built to detect fraud by putting all claims through the same experience and stress tests. Assurant’s proprietary process takes a different approach. Our two-pronged program integrates an industry-leading dynamic claims management process with best-in-class risk mitigation to deliver a premium experience for your customers and the ideal solution for your business. With our patented fulfillment engine, your customers have more options and you have more control at a lower cost.   

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Total program visibility and control

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AI and machine learning optimizes risk, cost and CX

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World Class Risk & Fraud Mitigation

Sophisticated algorithms and powerful AI tools separate low and high-risk claims up front, so claims are processed quickly and more efficiently. Most claims are adjudicated in seconds, and, when needed, our experts manage complicated claims accurately and efficiently. 

Reduce claims losses with:

  • Separate paths for low and high risk filings
  • Patented automated loss verification
  • Dedicated licensed fraud analysts and decision science tools
  • Partnership between Assurant and your risk and fraud teams to combat organized fraud

Assurant’s approach to managing claims has proven to dramatically decrease claims losses and reduce the amount of money our clients’ have to hold in reserve – all without any additional program costs or hidden fees.  

Dynamic Fulfillment for a Superior Claims Experience

When your customer files a claim, they expect a fast, convenient resolution, especially when it comes to their mobile device. To help meet their needs, Assurant offers intelligently selected fulfillment options based on individual needs and circumstances, including multiple options for resolution in under four hours.  

How Dynamic Claims Work:

  1. Your customer initiates a claim. This can be done through Assurant’s Pocket Geek Mobile app, over the phone, IVR, an online portal, in store or with one of your service agents. 
  2. Our proprietary algorithm ranks the best fulfillment option for each customer in real time based on a combination of hard and variable data inputs. Inputs include the customer’s terms of service, their device model, cost, location and adjudication. 
  3. Customized fulfillment options are presented to the customer. These options reflect rules and parameters that your team sets to control the prioritization, weighting and filtering of your fulfillment process. 
  4. AI-driven reporting ensures continuous improvement. You have complete control over the program from start to finish, and you can change the program controls as frequently as needed. Your decision-making is supported by robust machine learning that tracks model performance and provides continuous improvement recommendations. 
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Dynamic Fulfillment Options

Based on the business parameters you choose, use our dynamic claims decision engine to present fulfillment options tailored to each customer.

Ways to Fulfill Customer Claims:

  • Walk-in repair at 1,300+ convenient repair locations around the world 
  • Same-day replacement with device setup 
  • Come-to-you repair, supported by more than 1,500 mobile technicians in the U.S. 
  • Support from Assurant technicians in your store locations 
  • An option to expedite claims with express routing 

Your customers choose the fulfillment option that works best for them, and Assurant delivers the customer experience your brand wants to be known for. Assurant’s dynamic claims fulfillment program has proven to significantly increase the take rate of walk-in repairs and increase customer satisfaction for both repairs and the overall protection program. 

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