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Assurant protects and supports consumer purchases in completely new ways, so you can create experiences that make your customer’s day. We’re all about opportunity. Finding new ways for you to grow. Do more. Mean more. We turn data into insight. And that insight helps leading brands around the world delight their customers with creative solutions that keep their lives running smoothly. Envision a future with more customer loyalty, wider margins and innovations that give you an edge. That’s the Assurant advantage.

Three ways to stay ahead.

With consumer expectations at an all-time high, people no longer just compare you to your direct competitors, but to the best customer experiences out there.

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Get deep expertise and more meaningful insights from a company that knows all the complexities of risk management, understands the nuances of your business and has a long history with customers like yours.

83% of Consumers Say Best-in-class Experiences Raises Their Expectations for All Companies

Take a look at our infographic on the rise of consumer expectations and discover the greatest opportunity to build a competitive advantage with your customers.
Two blonde women driving a car and smiling at the camera

Ride Sharing Might Not Take Over the Auto Industry After All

What does the sharing and subscription economy mean for the auto-industry?

Get there first.

We have a reputation for bringing unmatched insight to the marketplace, helping to uncover untapped opportunities within your industry and creating a competitive edge for your business.

Adapt as you go.

Assurant’s flexible capabilities are unsurpassed, spanning the full range of the value chain, from research and product development to sales support and program analysis. Our ability to see and influence your program every step of the way helps ensure your program’s success.
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Assurant Secures Multi-Year Contract Extension with Morgan Properties

The multi-year agreement will grow the distribution of Assurant’s Cover360 product, which enables renters to conveniently pay for renters insurance with their rent, giving PMCs the potential to significantly increase participation in their renters’ insurance program and eliminate coverage gaps.