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Envision a future with more customer loyalty, wider margins and innovations that give you an edge. That’s the Assurant advantage. Connected consumer expectations are at an all-time high, which is why our driving purpose is to help people thrive in a connected world. We've has transformed into a global leader of business services for the digital world - and what has always been the greatest enabler of our success as a leader is our special and powerful culture.

Innovating for a Connected and Sustainable Future

Assurant employees posing at volunteer event called Girls on the Run

Enabling our talent to grow and flourish

For our culture to thrive, we need to continue to foster an engaged, talented and diverse workforce. 

Driving value and maximizing impact

By bringing innovative ideas to mobile device, automotive and home industries, we're envisioning the convergence and growing dependency of these industries across a connected world. We Provide quality and value through our products and service offerings are at the heart of our company culture while striving to be an industry leader in the market.

Building sustainable communities

Supporting our communities is core to Assurant’s culture. We recognize that when our communities do well, we do well. Each of our 15,600 global employees play a part in achieving our sustainability goals by supporting our vision to be the leading global business services company - supporting the advancement of the connected world.

Discover the latest Assurant Culture and Innovations

Progressing DEI at Assurant in 2022

Assurant's Progress for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Assurant: Looking Ahead in 2023

Global head of diversity, equity and inclusion at Assurant, Alecia Bailey recaps progress made across the organization in 2022, such as launching employee resource groups (ERGs), exceeding supplier diversity spend, and launching a DEI mentoring program.

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American flag depicted next to an Assurant logo of the Veterans at Assurant logo

Answering the Call: Introducing Employee Resource Group for Veterans

In fostering an inclusive and equitable culture at Assurant, we’ve expanded our DEI footprint through Employee Resource Groups. It’s with this focus and vision that I’m proud to announce the Veterans@Assurant, which launched on July 4th of this year.

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Earth Day is Every Day at Assurant

Sustainability is a year-round commitment at Assurant, and this Earth Day, we're pausing to reflect on what we do and why we do it.

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