Join Assurant’s Martin Jenns and Automotive Venture’s Steve Greenfield as they discuss rising EV sales at the dealership, alternative ownership models, and the changing OEM-dealer relationship.  

What’s covered in the Q&A video:

How will rising inventory affect dealer profitability?

Take a look at rising vehicle inventories in 2023 and how prices are beginning to stabilize. Is this the year dealers will finally have enough cars to meet customer demand?

What is the future of auto retail in a connected world?

With the rise of the connected vehicle, OEMs are exploring alternative ownership models, including subscription-based models similar to how devices are purchased. 

Are dealers prepared to move increased EV inventory?

EV sales and inventory are rising exponentially. Can dealers keep up? Without an adequate supply of properly trained EV techs and salespeople, dealers may face challenges moving inventory at scale.

Trainer pointing to a white board and two students in the class

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Is the dealer OEM relationship about to change?

OEMs in Europe are moving toward an agency model with less dealership autonomy. Could OEMs here at home move toward a direct sales model? Or will franchise laws prevent it?

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