Cover360® Renter's Insurance & Tracking

Increase participation in your renter's insurance program

Higher Participation. Lower Risk.

Increase participation in your renter’s insurance program and eliminate coverage gaps with Cover360, a suite of solutions created exclusively for property management companies. With Cover360, you can help residents quickly enroll in your renter’s insurance program and maintain their coverage. Your residents get a fast, easy way to meet their lease requirements, and you get ongoing protection for your properties with flexible benefit structures designed to generate more ancillary revenue per unit.

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Record participation when you bundle monthly premium with rent

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Guaranteed coverage for all tracked policies

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Ensures compliance with decades of tracking expertise across 32M+ homes

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How Cover360 Works

Cover360 is a simple, elegant solution that makes it easy for residents to pay their renter's insurance premiums with their monthly rent and easy for you to ensure each policy is kept in place with automatic tracking. Our team handles the ongoing tracking for all policies so that your team can focus on moving in more residents and managing your properties.

  1. As soon as a resident signs a lease, the resident receives a link to the Cover360 online portal via text or email.
  2. Resident purchases Assurant’s Pay with Rent policy or uploads a third-party policy through the portal.
  3. Assurant continuously tracks and verifies coverage to ensure compliance.
  4. If residents don't maintain adequate coverage, Assurant will work with them to put a policy in place, including placing a liability-only policy when necessary.

Cover360 Product Features

Cover360 integrates with most property management software to streamline the process of offering, tracking and maintaining coverage.

The Offer

As soon as your residents sign a lease, we'll email or text them a link to an online portal where they can easily purchase an Assurant Pay with Rent policy or upload a third-party policy. According to a recent study we conducted, 73% of renters are more likely to purchase a policy that was conveniently bundled with their monthly rent payment.


Once your resident purchases an Assurant policy or uploads a third-party policy to our resident portal, Assurant continuously tracks the policy to ensure your residents stay compliant. We guarantee coverage for all policies tracked without any work needed from your leasing staff.


When a resident isn't in compliance with your requirements, we reach out reminding the resident to purchase a policy or upload proof of coverage to the online portal. If a resident fails to maintain adequate coverage, we can place a liability-only policy on your behalf. 

Resources for Evaluating Your Program & Portfolio Risk

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The Property Manager's Guide to Renter's Insurance

Since your program is only as good as its participation, it’s important to choose the right provider. Find out what to look for. 
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11 Questions to Assess Your Property Risk

Take this 5-minute property risk assessment to better understand your current risk exposure and potential impacts to NOI.

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