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6/17/2021 | Renters Insurance

Easy to work with

Daniel was very thorough and quick to answer my questions. He was easy to work with and it was simple to file the claim. He explained each step of the process and we resolved things very quickly.


6/11/2021 | Renters Insurance

Adulting 101

it is hard to believe that some of the key essentials of adulting can be soo simple, quick and efficient :D


6/3/2021 | Renters Insurance

Reasonable payment and time

Decently easy ti file a claim online. getting my payment came within a reasonable amount of time. I also appreciate that direct deposit was an option.


6/2/2021 | Renters Insurance

Exactly what I needed

It was really simple to look up the information needed. It was a fast process and now I will be covered once I move in to my new apt. Can't wait! Really easy to purchase the right policy needed.


5/28/2021 | Renters Insurance

Outstanding service

The website is easy to navigate report claims and upload required documents, customer service is outstanding and responsive, My representative answers the phone immediately or calls back within a few minutes


5/6/2021 | Renters Insurance

Direct quote

Easy to use site. Thanks for giving me the quote directly, and not having to wait for an answer via email or text. That is too gimmicky and I won't entertain that.


4/22/2021 | Renters Insurance

Icons and links needed

It's pretty easy to complete the form information online. Appreciate on that. It would be nice if there are some information icons or help links that describe some of labels such as billing fee. (what this means?)


4/13/2021 | Renters Insurance

Comparable prices

Really easy and quick to get from policy quote to an active policy. Very comparable price, would recommend to anyone who needs renters insurance.


4/1/2021 | Renters Insurance

Flexible plans

I was really nervous about having to get insurance for the first time, but your website was so easy to navigate :) I’m really happy with my experience and how flexible the plans are thank you


3/31/2021 | Renters Insurance

User friendly

Assurant web page is very user friendly, I was able to purchase my renter insurance in less than 5 minutes. The plan is affordable and I appreciate the payment options. Thanks


3/30/2021 | Renters Insurance

Turned out to be simple

I was confused at first but it turned out to be simple and easy


3/18/2021 | Renters Insurance

Easier than moving

Getting rental insurance was the easiest thing about my move. It took me less than 5 minutes to be all ready to go!


3/5/2021 | Renters Insurance

Simple to navigate

Easy to understand. Simple to navigate. As a first time purchaser of renter's insurance I feel I understood what I was purchasing and how it was valued.


2/25/2021 | Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

Online application and purchase


2/17/2021 | Renters Insurancee

Decent rates

Intuitive renters insurance with decent rates and quick, friendly help with it! Many options on customizing plan and payment.


2/13/2021 | Renters Insurance

Pleasant and prompt

Experience was pleasant and prompt making a claim over the phone and on the website.


2/5/2021 | Renters Insurance

Quick quote

This was the easiest of all renters insurance purchases. I went to other companies to check out their rates and it took forever to get a quote. Less than 5 minutes here and I am all done!


1/24/2021 | Renters Insurance

Great price

Easy to follow, and they go into details of what's being covered. That's less worry for me and at a great price!!


1/14/2021 | Renters Insurance

Response was quick

Response to initial claim was quick and it was easy to upload photos of damage.


1/4/2021 | Renters Insurance

Clear instructions

The adjuster was very polite and concerned. Gave clear instructions on how to proceed with my claim.


1/1/2021 | Renters Insurance

Streamlined process

The process was easy, quick, and very streamlined. I appreciate that everything was straightforward and customizable to my individual needs as a renter yet I was still given the most common options.


12/30/2020 | Renters Insurance


The whole process was seamless.


12/22/2020 | Renters Insurance

Easily manageable

Smooth site. Uncluttered, saw potential prices early in the process, easily manageable in one sitting but also didn't time out on me when I went and did something else for a bit.


12/18/2020 | Renters Insurance


Super easy to start my policy, and super affordable!


12/15/2020 | Renters Insurance

Fast and efficient

Great website! User friendly. Fast and efficient service. Competitive rates. However, there's always room for improvement. Keep up the great work!


12/14/2020 | Renters Insurance

Quick and simple

Words can’t explain how great you all handled my claim. Normally people dread filing a claim by going back in forth with documentation and I’m truly happy that you made this process quick and simple so I can focus on my family and move forward from this incident. Thank you for being there for your customers


12/9/2020 | Renters Insurance

Friendly, sympathetic

Claims specialist was friendly, sympathetic and knowledgeable.


12/1/2020 | Renters Insurance

Easy to navigate

Splendid service, easy to navigate, thank you


11/30/2020 | Renters Insurance

Helpful staff

Process was very simple and quick. Staff was helpful.


11/29/2020 | Renters Insurance

Easy process

This process was easy, but the whole ordeal has been stressful.


11/25/2020 | Renters Insurance

Easy to file a claim

Pretty easy to file a claim. The site never timed out on me causing me to re-enter information, which was great!


11/23/2020 | Renters Insurance

Wish I could have gotten enough

It was cool. Wish I could have gotten enough to actually cover all the items at buyback.


11/20/2020 | Renters Insurance

Took me forever

It took me forever to make an itemized Excel spreadsheet of all the items that I was missing I am not going to go one by one and enter each item that is what adjusters are supposed to do

11/17/2020 | Renters Insurance

Needed a 6-month plan

Signing up for the services is very simple and easy to use. I needed a 6-month payment plan option that is not presented.

11/11/2020 | Renters Insurance

Straightforward process

The Easiest Most Straight forward process ever!! THAT WAS SO SO EASY! Thank you so much!

11/9/2020 | Renters Insurance

Easy purchase process

Detailed information about purchasing / coverage options Fast and easy purchase process

11/3/2020 | Renters Insurance


User-friendly website with clear information

10/30/2020 | Renters Insurance

Process was extremely smooth

My apartment place recommended I chose this company and explained how cheap it’ would be. I was scared as a first time renter. As I went through the application online, the process was extremely smooth and fast. Probably my best experience with anything like this.

10/18/2020 | Renters Insurance

Verbiage was clear

Easy to select the coverage I needed, and easy to buy the policy. Verbiage was clear in all aspects.

10/9/2020 | Renters Insurance

Enjoyed the options

I very much enjoyed the options that were given. Most renters insurance companies have a set deductible and price. Assurant let me pick what policies worked best for me. A+

10/2/2020 | Renters Insurance

Quote that I received was fair

Website was easy to use! Very user friendly! The quote that I received was fair. Easy purchase!

9/30/2020 | Renters Insurance

Isn't the best to do on a mobile device

Easy and detailed. System does sometimes lag and isn't the best to do on a mobile device, but impressed with the 3 easy steps and digital process. I have never made a claim before on insurance and it's nice to know how easy it is to do when you need it.

9/22/2020 | Renters Insurance

Affordable pricing

Did not require so much personal information just to provide a quote. Affordable pricing and quick and easy to use website and process to purchase coverage. I have used Assurant before and will use it again anytime I need coverage.

9/15/2020 | Renters Insurance

Solid to start out

Pretty solid to start out, very easy to set up. I'll see how it goes the next couple months!.

9/1/2020 | Renters Insurance

Happy with the coverages

I'm happy with the coverages. Even includes earthquake and desert backup protection plus 20k for my belongings for $25 a month. Thanks!

8/31/2020 | Renters Insurance

Thank you!

Filing a claim was very easy. Thank you for the customer experience.

8/27/2020 | Renters Insurance

Cannot come back later

Only concern is website to file claim does not let you save information and come back at a later date.

8/6/2020 | Renters Insurance

Happy with the results

The claims process was straightforward, easy to understand, and I am very happy with the results. Thank you so much!

7/31/2020 | Renters Insurance

Easy to follow

The online claim process, receipt of the new phone, instructions to set-up the new phone and return of the broken phone all went very smoothly. The confirmation that my old phone was received was a nice touch. I like to know the full transaction is complete.

7/18/2020 | Renters Insurance

Fair and concise

It was a simple process no more no less. Great way to cover yourself and belongings when renting won't hurt the bank with payments or pay at once.

7/14/2020 | Renters Insurance

A little higher than expected

Application process was quick and simple. I feel the rate might be a little higher than I expected but it's for a short term rental so I think due to the time savings it is worth the cost.

7/13/2020 | Renters Insurance

Fair and concise

The process was rather easy and the questions were definitely fair and concise. I like the thoroughness and the ability to submit a sufficient claim with very little effort. As bad as my day started off, the wait for maintenance taking hours, and dealing with a smell that makes me nauseous, this was the light at the end of my tunnel...

7/7/2020 | Renters Insurance


You didn't ask for the blood of my first child to obtain a Policy!!!! TYSM!

7/2/2020 | Renters Insurance

Everything was easy

Everything was easy and fast. You guys also have great quotes and lower payments for rentals insurance. Thanks

6/30/20| Renters Insurance

Not expecting

I received the entire amount that I was entitled to PLUS I was reimbursed the $10 I had to pay to obtain the police report (which I was not expecting).

6/30/20| Renters Insurance

Very patient with me

My agent worked with me. Nicole sent emails and called. She was Very patient with me during this difficult time.

6/29/20| Renters Insurance

Satisfied with my claims adjuster

I am very satisfied with my claims adjuster. Typing the initial claim in the website was pretty horrible.

6/3/20| Renters Insurance

Jean was awesome

Jean was awesome he helped me from point A to point B none stop he understood me right off and get everything in order.

5/9/20| Renters Insurance

Very easy to work with

Cara the claims rep was very easy to work with. She contacted us immediately and thoroughly explained the process.

5/5/20| Renters Insurance

Kept me in the loop

The fact that the representative kept me in the loop, very professional. Even after claims was completed he followed up with me which showed me that he cared.

5/1/20| Renters Insurance


Easy and straight forward.

4/21/20| Renters Insurance

Very satisfied

Was very satisfied with the representative I spoke to on the phone about my claim confirmation and deposit process. Would say overall satisfied due to issues with online claim center, it would not load when tried to access several times and gave an error at the very end of filing that made me think it did not go through (had to call customer service to verify all forms/photos were accepted).

4/19/20| Renters Insurance

New adjuster

I’m disappointed how I was given a new adjuster without being notified a week later.

4/14/20| Renters Insurance

Handled professionally

All was handled professionally.

4/13/20| Renters Insurance

Joshua was incredibly patient

Joshua was incredibly patient and thorough with my claims process. He always spoke with clarity and concise appreciation for my situation and was sympathetic to the notion that my bike loss was a significant component to my lifestyle.

4/7/20| Renters Insurance

They helped me

They helped me when i needed it.

4/3/20| Renters Insurance

Always ready to answer questions

My adjuster was always ready to answer questions

3/30/2020 | Renters Insurance

Customer service was excellent

The customer service over the phone was excellent

3/27/2020 | Renters Insurance

Glitches on online form

There were several glitched with the online forms, which was frustrating, however process was relatively easy.

3/24/2020 | Renters Insurance

Full amount

The fact that in the end we received the full amount that our policy covered.

3/22/2020 | Renters Insurance


If I had to do it all over again I would request my adjuster again

2/26/2020 | Renters Insurance

Very kind

Very kind and easy to work with.

2/25/2020 | Renters Insurance

Confusion with payment

Confusion with payment and no contact

2/23/2020 | Renters Insurance

Quick and effective

My case was handled quickly and very effective.

1/28/2020 | Renters Insurance

Straight forward

Straight forward, helpful, nice and responsive.

1/27/2020 | Renters Insurance

Amount of deductible

I wasn’t informed about a deductible or the cost of one until after I made a claim , and the amount did not help me

1/27/2020 | Renters Insurance

Claims process was very customer oriented

Even though Assurant is a business and therefore exists through profit, I felt the claims process was very customer oriented and fair. Your representative was particularly empathetic and respectful.

1/23/2020 | Renters Insurance

Able to call someone directly

Being able to call someone directly and have my questions and concerns answered. It was my first time having this kind of issue and both Alex and Cara made this very seemless and made the process as a whole easier for me to handle.

1/14/2020 | Renters Insurance

Seamless process

My processor was very kind and respectful.

12/27/2019 | Renters Insurance

Thanks Assurant

Received the full amount from the insurance claim - thanks Assurant!

12/2/2019 | Renters Insurance

Didn't get enough

Didn't get enough to replace everything that I filed for

11/23/2019 | Renters Insurance

My adjuster was quick, straight-forward, and super friendly.

My adjuster was quick, straight-forward, and super friendly.

11/9/2019 | Renters Insurance

Easy process

Customer service was friendly and very helpful. Easy process.

11/1/2019 | Renters Insurance

The process was seamless

Our Adjuster was always on top of everything, between reimbursements and dealing with CRDN to get cleaning services setup. Assurant made this whole process seamless for me and my family.

10/31/2019 | Renters Insurance

Took too long

Took too long

10/17/2019 | Renters Insurance

Very easy

Very easy and mostly online forms. When I talked with my adjuster he was knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

Sep 30, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Thanks Assurant

My agent who handled the claim was amazing to work with and kept me in the loop every step of the process. This is a first time that I have ever filed a claim and glad he was able to tell me exactly what to expect. Thanks Assurant

Sep 28, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Fast, friendly, and easy

Called to file a claim and the process was fast, friendly, and easy. No hassle filing instructions very understandable. Got my check and happy with the outcome.

Sep 25, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Glad I have insurance for when I need it

The people were nice and the process was fast - glad I have insurance for when I need it

Sep 21, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Took a bit longer than I wanted

My claims officer was extremely helpful and I felt like he genuinely wanted to assist me. Took a bit longer than I wanted, but that was the only downside.

Sep 17, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Good Communication

Good Communication by phone, mail and email. No issues with submitting forms and got my funds quickly.

Sep 8, 2019 | Renters Insurance

I really loved the customer service

I really loved the customer service I received from my Claims Adjuster. She made my bad experience with my items being stolen into a positive one and made me feel secure in trusting that this would be taken care of -- and it was!!

Sep 3, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Thanks Assurant!

I really appericated that when any additional information was needed, I was contacted immedeatly. That let me rest assured that everything was in good hands and I was able to replace everything of importance to me…almost like it never happened. Thanks Assurant!

August 25, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Excellent service, thanks Assurant!

That my claims adjuster handled everything and got me back straight away.. Excellent service, thanks Assurant!

August 20, 2019 | Renters Insurance

The process was very easy

The process was very easy, and the fact that we could submit photos online to satisfy the inspection requirement was convenient.

August 13, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Only a couple of days before it was completed and we had our money.

It took us a week to get everything uploaded for our claim but once we did it was only a couple of days before it was completed and we had our money.

August 13, 2019 | Renters Insurance

The staff was very friendly

It took a while to get my claim, but the staff was very friendly.

August 12, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Extremely pleased

Very easy. No hassles. Extremely pleased

August 10, 2019 | Renters Insurance

It just took way to long

It just took way to long. And I couldn’t get any one to return my call unless they were ready to.

August 2, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Check was in the bank the next day

The adjuster came out, got back with me quickly, check was in the bank the next day.

July 26, 2019 | Renters Insurance

My agent was very responsive

My agent was very responsive, clear about what needed to be submitted, and valued my items fairly.

July 25, 2019 | Renters Insurance

my reimbursement check was deposited quickly

My claim could be filed online, and my reimbursement check was deposited quickly

July 23, 2019 | Renters Insurance

The assessor used a totally different bike

When assessing the replacement cost of the brand new bike that was stolen from me, the assessor used a totally different bike from with a cost $100 lower than the bike I purchased.

July 18, 2019 | Renters Insurance

The application was easy

The application was easy to complete and I didn’t have to give a ton of paperwork for the claim. 

July 6, 2019 | Renters Insurance

The claim manager was great

The claim manager was great. He made sure to call me back ... anytime I left him a message. 

July 2, 2019 | Renters Insurance

The turn around time was very quick

The turn around time was very quick. There was no delay once you provide all the documentation required.

July 1, 2019 | Renters Insurance

The agent assigned to me was very helpful

The agent assigned to me was very helpful and made the process less stressful.

June 4, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Above and beyond

My claims adjuster went above and beyond to help me through a frustrating and difficult time. She was very cheerful and friendly through it all, and she helped me the whole way. 

June 1, 2019 | Renters Insurance

I am very impressed

The process was extremely quick. After filing my claim, I received payment fairly quickly.  My claims adjuster communication was stellar. He kept me informed about next steps and issued my payment no more than 2 days after submitting my claim. I am very impressed. 

May 31, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Quick turnaround

Being able to upload items/receipts directly along with direct deposit makes for such a quick turnaround.  It was all a very minimally invasive process.

May 31, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Glad the claim was settled

Glad the claim was settled but it took a long time with little feedback

May 31, 2019 | Renters Insurance

I was extremely satisfied

I was extremely satisfied with the process. Our agent was kind, sympathetic, accessible, and extremely prompt, as were the payments.

May 25, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Really a huge help

Given the trauma of the event and the stress, dealing with this part of it with extremely smooth and was really a huge help in making the process easier. 

May 2, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Great customer service

Great customer service from my adjuster. He listen to understand and help me through this difficult time and I am very appreciative for his awesome service.

April 28, 2019 | Hazard/Lender Placed

Most would have denied the claim

That they made a exception for my claim. I thought that was great and deeply appreciated. Most would have denied the claim.

April 23, 2019 | Renters Insurance

Everything was streamlined and efficient

Everything was streamlined and efficient. Representatives were helpful and prompt. Website did seem a little glitchy however: page froze when trying to finish submission of information. 

April 22, 2019 | Manufactured Home Insurance

I depended on you, and you did right by me

As the policy holder, I don t know what to look for regarding damage.  Without a good insurance company and a watchful claims inspector, I wouldn't know that I had damage until the rain started pouring in.  I depended on you, and you did right by me.  Thank you.