Exceed Expectations Across the Connected Customer Experience

Connected Product Services Overview

Meet your business goals faster and pivot when you need to with a partner that has your back. From providing the latest customer research and compliance know-how to handling technical support, repair and asset disposition – we do the heavy lifting so you can focus on how to beat the competition and generate additional revenue. 

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Get end-to-end management across the mobile device lifecycle. 

Multi-Service Operators

Build a program that increase adoption rates using our flexible capabilities.  


Gain economies of scale and shift ahead of the market. 


Offer your customers premium protection, tech support and customer service. 

Put Assurant’s expertise to work for you.

53 Million
mobile devices
connected & protected 

78 Million
appliances & electronics humming

 technicians around the world

4.8 Star
star rating for tech support

News & Insights

Smart Technology Adoption in the Connected Decade

Connected technology is more critical than ever as consumers shift to increased working from home, remote learning and connecting to loved ones from a distance.

Americas to APAC: Connected Trends Around the World

It’s critical for connected living companies to tailor products and services based on local needs, establishing the right levels of support and protection to help consumers feel confident in new smart purchases 

Enabling Interoperability Across the Connected Ecosystem

Mobile devices sit in the center of the connected ecosystem, enabling smart products to connect to each other. But 33% of consumers don’t know how to connect their products to WiFi. You can help.  

De-Risking Connected Product Purchases

How can you help consumers become more comfortable with a smart ecosystem? Start by making their connected purchases less risky. There are a few good ways to do that.  

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