Customer expectations are at an all-time high — and technology disruptions are driving constant change. Having an effective supply chain is critical in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. According to McKinsey & Company, agile supply chain strategies can reduce operational costs by up to 30 percent, reduce lost sales by 75 percent and decrease inventories by up to 75 percent1.

There’s no industry more affected by this reality than the smartphone industry. As a mobile carrier, you face constant demands for new products, lower costs and increased productivity in a fiercely competitive marketplace. And your supply chain must be nimbler and more precise than ever before just to keep up.

Did you know that an efficiently run mobile supply chain can reduce your required inventory of refurbished phones by as much as 50 percent? By implementing proper planning and forecasting, along with a process to quickly refurbish your used devices, you can reduce the required supply available on hand to fulfill your customer claims. This means you can sell the excess supply of phones in your inventory and lower your carrying costs.

Finding a Single Source to Trust

“Voice of the customer” feedback shows that the top three customer experience drivers for device replacement and fulfillment are quality, speed and overall cost. By integrating the various points of your device management supply chain with a single partner, you can meet these priorities and deliver a better, more seamless customer experience. An integrated supply chain and asset disposition partner can take the load off your shoulders. And can serve as your single source for device lifecycle supply chain management. But finding a partner that uses advanced technologies for repair and logistics to turn typical supply chain pain points into competitive advantages can be a challenge. What is the single most important thing in mobile supply chain management? It’s having a constant supply of quality replacement devices to fulfill claims. That’s why you need to work with a global partner who can build and manage a robust, steady inventory.

Data-Driven Disposition

Having multiple disposition channels, including direct-to-consumer and wholesale options, can help you quickly dispose of excess device inventory for top dollar. Partners that have a true global reach help to identify geographies where your phones — even those hard-to-sell devices — will earn maximum disposition value. For example, Assurant uses a proprietary pricing software platform called GHOST (Global Handset Offer and Sales Tool) to compare historical data with other factors such as brand, features, condition and demand. This data is used to calculate the optimal sales price. So you get maximum value and a fast sale.

Redefine Your Returned Device Program

The better the supply chain, the greater your revenue capabilities. In fact, 79 percent of companies2  with high-performing supply chains achieve revenue growth greater than the average within their industries. Turning your company assets over to a partner can be daunting. That’s why it’s important to team with a provider you can trust, with decades of proven experience. Evaluate a partner that can run your asset management program and effectively provide a positive experience for your customers while helping you drive down costs. Look for capabilities that include:

  • Seamless execution of the full range of integrated agile solutions
  • Ability to bundle a customized offering
  • Proven experience in end-to-end total device lifecycle management
  • Optimized trade-ins and upgrade programs
  • Enhanced device protection and efficient omnichannel claims process
  • World-class technical support, logistics and repairs
  • Powerful analytics to maximize value for device disposition

Gain a Superior Supply Chain Advantage

As a mobile carrier, you know that improving demand forecast, increasing your device asset utilization and providing a superior CX at optimized costs gives you a competitive advantage. Assurant can help you make better decisions with access to real-time data and services to optimally manage your end-to-end mobile device workflow. We’ve invested in the latest technology and world-class facilities to provide timely, quality repairs and deliver a consistently positive customer experience. To learn how you can gain a game-changing supply chain advantage and reduce costs associated with your mobile device replacement program, contact Assurant.