Renters Preferred

Provide residents with affordable, customizable coverage

Improve resident satisfaction and increase property protection.

Assurant’s Renters Preferred provides affordable, customizable renter’s insurance that meets your coverage requirements, improves your NOI and provides flexible benefits structures to deliver more ancillary revenue per unit. 

Renters Preferred allows your residents to be choosy about their coverage — giving them the opportunity to cover their belongings or just the basics — without imposing on your property’s protection requirements. Plus, no matter what plan your renter chooses, we offer liability coverage for everyone on the lease. 

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Custom minimum liability requirement ($50k-$300k) to protect your property 
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Digital toolkit and sales site that drives program participation 
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Industry-leading claims and customer service with fast payouts 
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Flexible endorsement structure and more ancillary revenue per unit 

Less Risk Exposure for You, More Choice for Your Residents

Assurant offers two options through the Renters Preferred to best suit your renters’ needs while meeting your liability requirement.
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For better coverage that’s still affordable...

Renters Insurance (HO4) Policy

To cover liability and belongings 

  • Covers resident-caused damage due to fire, water,* smoke and explosion

  • Personal liability including bodily injury, medical payments and legal expenses  

  • 17 covered perils for damage to belongings  

  • Additional coverage depending on location (flood, pet damage, bed bugs, food spoilage)  

*Water damage is optional coverage in North Carolina 

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For residents who want to move in and move on...

Liability Only Policy

To meet property requirements 

  • Covers resident-caused damage due to fire, water, smoke and explosion  

  • Personal liability including bodily injury, medical payments and legal expenses  

Simplify the Coverage Process with Assurant Renters Preferred

Infographic showing the steps of the Renters Preferred coverage process

The Benefits for Your Residents

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Affordable coverage options including Renters Insurance and Liability Only policies
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Guaranteed acceptance — no denials or credit checks
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Quick quote and same-day coverage*
* Same-day coverage if current date is lease effective date
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Roommates are covered for no extra cost

See What Other Properties Said About Renters Preferred

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“All of our leases require renters insurance and Assurant’s seamless process makes it easy for our residents. Onboarding was smooth and our leasing agents are well versed in introducing the program. It’s built into our leasing process and getting residents to sign up is easy. Claims have been well handled and customer service quickly resolves any issues.”

 -J. Linefsky, Value Companies Inc.

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“Assurant has the expertise, integrated capabilities and customer insight to make the insurance process seamless for our property managers and residents. Our continued partnership allows us to offer a complete portfolio of risk mitigation solutions that not only gives our residents affordable protection but also peace of mind.”

– T. Richman, Morgan Properties



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"The communication we receive from our Assurant rep is much appreciated and it’s truly a pleasure to work with her. We enjoy having regular communication and insight on how the programs are working for each community. Assurant is always willing to provide training and support whenever needed."

-A. Esposito, P.B. Bell



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