Resident Debt Recovery Solutions

Minimize bad debt without harming your reputation

High Recovery Rates Without the PR Headaches

As the renter's solutions industry recovers from COVID-19's impact over the next several years, realistic solutions for resolving debt with former residents will play a critical role. But the right approach to debt recovery can be difficult to enforce. On top of federal and state laws, public sentiment around COVID-19 and collections practices could introduce unnecessary risk or reputational damage to your property management company.

Assurant's approach to rent recovery solutions is designed to deliver high recovery rates for you while providing a tailored, friendly experience for your former residents. To make residents feel more comfortable, we offer online balance resolution options so debt can be settled quickly without needing to talk to a collector. And, when necessary, our ACA-certified professionals work with residents to explain credit impact and create custom, flexible payment plans that motivate resolution. All without exposing your property to increased reputational damage.

Collections agent working from a desk performing a rent recovery service

Master Debt Collection with Assurant Expertise

When it comes to resolving your account lists quickly and protecting your reputation, you need a partner with the size and scale to design custom, resident-friendly payment plans. With Assurant, you get:

  • The largest, single-source provider that's dedicated to renter's solutions
  • In-house, highly trained recovery specialized licensed in all 50 states
  • 100+ ACA-certified specialists to help you recover debt
  • Strict compliance with federal, state, city and municipal laws
  • Proprietary debt collection technology and AI to streamline recovery from account placement through settlement
  • Transparent, online insight into your accounts with a breakdown of recovery rate, payment plans and account balances any time you need it
  • Pricing model: only pay once funds have been recovered
  • And more

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Tenant-Focused Solutions

Providing a tailored approach for each resident's situation is key to protecting your reputation through the debt recovery process. That's one of the reasons Assurant's recovery services offer:

  • Online balance resolution options for residents who want to settle debt quickly without talking to a collector
  • Ability to present consumers with different avenues that give them a positive credit tradeline, motivating them to pay off debt faster
  • Custom, flexible payment plans that work for their schedules and result in higher recovery rates
  • Free resident access to online payment negotiations, chat agents and a resident dashboard that tracks payment history and progress

Renter's Solutions Industry Insights from Assurant Experts

Close up of a woman's hand opening up her laptop

The Property Manager's Guide to Evaluating Recovery Partners

Not all partners are created equal, and it's important you find one who can settle your accounts while protecting your reputation. This checklist is designed to help you compare providers.
Woman seating at her desk looking at a computer screen and participating on a zoom call

How Property Managers can Manage the Financial Impact of COVID-19

Assurant conducted multiple nationwide studies before and during COVID-19 to better understand renter and property management company needs. This eBook shares the results of that research.

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