New eBook: How Rental Properties Can Manage Financial Impacts of COVID-19


Get exclusive insights, including:

  • Current trends in home ownership vs. renting
  • Actionable takeaways for gaining new residents and renewing leases
  • Ways to prioritize amenities updates that will win new residents and drive NOI
  • Solutions for managing bad debt

Properties' Top Pain Points Are Shifting

A recent Assurant study indicated a shift in pain points for property management companies. We found that properties are struggling with:

group of icons displaying top pain points for property management companies

Properties can address new concerns with confidence.

Assurant's insights show that concerns of property management companies have evolved as COVID-19 takes its course. Properties are grappling with finding new residents and maintaining existing ones, prioritizing updates that will suit a world now at home and, most primarily, managing debt. Fill out the form on this page to dive into what changes we're seeing and how to approach concerns head-on.

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