New eBook: Connectivity is King for Renters Post-COVID


Get access to exclusive industry research, including:

  • An analysis of changing resident priorities and pain points in response to COVID-19
  • The shift away from shared spaces and a new emphasis on in-unit smart amenities
  • Insights on highly-valued smart home products and their resident impact
  • A checklist for property management companies hoping to stay competitive as renter priorities continue changing

Renters Redefine "Home Sweet Home"

As a result of COVID-19, connectivity is moving from a nice-to-have to a necessary-to-have for many of your residents.

Icons that read working from home, attending school online, cooking, video chatting and entertainment

How will property management respond to new renter demands?

As people are called to mitigate the risk of the COVID-19 pandemic, homes have taken on more functionality than ever. They now double as gyms, offices, theaters and more, leading toward a natural shift in resident priorities. At the same time, Assurant's 2020 Connected Decade research unveiled a noticeable gap between what renters want from their units and what’s offered to them.

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