Mobile Asset Value Recovery

Resell used devices at the highest possible price

A Sustainable Way to Manage Used Phones

Millions of used phones are traded in every year by customers looking to upgrade their devices. Without a plan, these phones end up as electronic waste in landfills around the world - but they shouldn't. At Assurant, we support robust trade-in and upgrade programs with a sustainable, environmentally-friendly reverse logistics process for used devices. Our global distribution network across 21 countries enables us to resell your used mobile phones in secondary markets, providing improved connectivity for tens of millions of people around the world. And, because we sell through multiple distribution channels rather than only selling in bulk to wholesalers, we get you the best possible price for each repurposed device. We've repurposed more than 100 million devices worldwide.

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21 Countries

connected through our global distribution network
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Higher Revenue

from multiple distribution channels
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Happier People

with more connectivity around the world

Tap Into Our Global Distribution Network

With the help of our global distribution network, you can reduce risk and maximize returns across your trade-in and upgrade programs. Using a robust technology engine with predictive product and price modeling, our team manages reverse logistics across 21 countries at a price that's 20% more lucrative than the average.

This worldwide network helps you:  

  • Gain greater value from recovered devices 
  • Increase the volume of recovered devices  
  • Increase the availability of used devices to cut costs 
  • Mitigate exposure to excess and obsolete equipment 
  • Connect new consumers around the world
  • Responsibly manage e-waste from used devices

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