Monetize your mobile asset disposition program

Drive revenue with reverse logistics

Reverse logistics can be costly, complex and a drag on customer satisfaction. But, as the market for used mobile devices continues to grow, the potential for revenue becomes increasingly attractive. And, with device prices and recycling on the rise, this trend will only continue. Assurant is the global leader in asset disposition. We put our global reach and extensive network of relationships to work for you, helping you move your used devices quickly while selling them at an optimal price. With Assurant handling your asset disposition, you can cut operational costs and minimize lost sales. 

  • Increase revenue  
  • Decrease operational costs  
  • Increase customer satisfaction 

How to Flip Device Return from Cost Center to Revenue Stream

Take a video tour of an Assurant reverse logistics facility.

Resell mobile devices through our global distribution network

Assurant’s reverse logistics and asset disposition team helps the world’s leading brands optimize their return and trade-in programs. With the help of our global distribution network, we work with mobile carriers and other industry leaders to optimize and monetize your trade-in and return programs, reducing risk and maximizing returns. Our asset disposition program features a global channel partner, a robust technology engine, and a predictive product and pricing, model. With it, we’ve helped our partners process over 15 million devices in 21 countries at a price that's 20% more lucrative than the average. 

Assurant Asset Disposition and Reverse Logistics let you:  

  • Gain greater value from recovered devices 
  • Increase the volume of recovered devices  
  • Work with the world’s most experienced proven asset disposition partner 
  • Increase the availability of used devices to cut costs 
  • Mitigate exposure to excess and obsolete equipment 

Why Assurant is the Right Partner

Choosing a disposition partner is critical. An optimized supply chain strategy can cut your costs by up to 30% and improve your overall customer experience. 

You need a logistics partner with: 

Global Reach

Enables you to resell your used devices in secondary markets with our global distribution network. 

Industry Expertise

Helps you unload your device inventory quickly so you’re not taking on additional risk by holding a surplus. 

Multiple Distribution Channels

Ensures your devices are sold at the highest price, avoiding bulk sales to auction-based wholesalers.


Allows you to broker fast sales at top dollar through our relationships with retailers, wholesalers and carriers.