Assurant Device Care Centers

Repair, replace, and repurpose devices sustainably

Smart tech repairs and the secondary market

What happens behind the scenes when your consumers hand over a broken laptop to be fixed? Or when they trade-in a device for a newer model? At Assurant, we’ve built a global network of device care centers that repair, replace, and repurpose smart technology using intelligent robotics and the perfect amount of human touch.

At each of our device care centers around the world, we're using automation to make device repairs more efficient and turnaround times faster. This allows us to quickly sort products, confirm receipt, buff and polish, test, bag, and prepare devices for shipping – which means they can be resold before they start losing value or used to provide refurbished replacements for your customer claims. Our automated process increases the resale value by up to $50 per device. And, as an added bonus, our ability to customize and fabricate boxes for our clients on demand reduces our carbon footprint and the amount of scrap created. 

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4,400+ global experts

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17 facilities around the world

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Total program visibility and control

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Ongoing investment in automation and machine learning

Where Are Assurant's Device Care Centers?


Lewisville, TX

Nashville, TN

York, PA

Toronto, Canada


Newcastle, UK

Lille, France

Sommerda, Germany

Rome, Italy

Madrid,  Spain

Budapest, Hungary

Warsaw, Poland


Seoul, South Korea

Tokyo, Japan

Sydney, Australia


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Santiago, Chile

Mexico City, Mexico

Bogota, Colombua


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Multi-device, Connected Home and mobile protection programs, sustainable trade-in and upgrade solutions, tech support, and other value-added services that increase lifetime customer value

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Protection and support for electronics, smart devices, appliances, and more

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