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Consumer dependency for connectivity and connected device interoperability has trended upward the last few years, and it certainly isn’t slowing down. Our Connected Decade research reveals 53% of global consumers purchased at least one new smart device last year. Items like smartphones, tablets, laptops, even gaming console systems continue to play a crucial role in day-to-day life, so when those devices break or malfunction, the stress from delays in vital connections and lost productivity can’t be understated. CPR Cell Phone Repair by Assurant is an industry leader, offering a vast range of fast, affordable repair service options for electronic devices across the connected lifestyle.
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Dedicated service

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Industry expertise

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Trusted technicians

Uncomplicated Mobile Device Repair

Devices have become more complex and more costly. As a result, consumers have started to invest in items like smartphones for longer periods of time. In fact, devices turned in through trade-in and upgrade programs averages an age of 3.5 years.
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Backed by Lifetime Warranty

Replacement parts and workmanship are covered under the warranty policy, leaving nothing but peace of mind.

Offering Same Day Repair

Consumers suffer minimal downtime, as same day repair solutions are available for a variety of common device issues.

Expert Techicians

Repair technicians leverage top-quality parts and uphold the highest standards to ensure every repair is efficient, swift and back in working order.

1M+ Devices Repaired

From phones to tablets, gaming consoles to drones, the trusted technicians of CPR lead the wireless repair industry as the experts in fast, efficient repairs.
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Sustainably Focused Device Care

Among the 500+ locations that provide in-store or mail-in repair service to customers, CPR prioritizes same-unit repair practices. This supports the extended life of a device and reduces the amount of e-waste that wind up in landfills. Repair technicians are also committed to properly recycling old and used batteries and parts, ultimately helping to reduce carbon impact.

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Accidents happen. But high repair costs shouldn’t set you back.

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