Working to build the foundation for a brighter educational future for infants and young children, Penfield Children’s Center looks to the support of charitable foundations such as the Assurant Foundation so they can offer education, therapy services and family programs.

Assurant Health, through the support of the Assurant Foundation, recently provided a grant to the Milwaukee-based organization for its Behavior Clinic. Celebrating 10 years in partnership with Marquette University, Penfield’s Behavior Clinic provides mental health care to children up to age 6 who struggle with behavior and emotional issues in the classroom or within their family setting.

“At the end of their service time with Penfield almost 95 percent of our children reach their developmental goal,” said Christine Holmes, president of Penfield Children’s Center. “Following participation in our Behavior Clinic, about 60 percent of children no longer show signs of the diagnosis that brought them to our program in the first place."

Assurant Health actively supports local community organizations that foster health and wellness. A spirit of outreach is part of the 121-year-old company's culture and is embraced by its committed employee volunteers. Penfield’s programs help children reduce unhealthy behaviors and increase parental awareness and education of health risks.

“Our employees always enjoy volunteering and hosting drives for the children at Penfield,” said Denise Garczynski, employee events and programs manager at Assurant Health. “Anytime our employees can put a smile on a child's face or make a difference in their lives they are more than willing to do so!”

Assurant Health employees volunteer and organize supply drives throughout the year.  In 2013, volunteer events for Penfield included organizing a school supply drive, assembling bags of Halloween candy, cleaning their facilities and handing out informational brochures about Penfield Children’s Center during the Wisconsin State Fair.