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Topic: Interoperability

Modern Home in the foreground with a smart home key pad on the wall

Connected Consumers: Help Them Catch up to the Future of Smart Homes

What is the rise in smart home technology? Mobile carriers, cable companies, MSOs, retailers and e-tailers, and OEMs should stay agile to guide connected consumers through their tech dependency in building not just a smart home, but an intelligent one.

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Graphic of web of people connected around the globe

People Around the World Agree: Tech Is Improving Life

COVID-19 pushed the adoption of connected products around the world. As technology accelerated globally, Assurant consumer trends show, for the first time in 6 years, people have a positive view of connected technology.

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diverse hands holding smart mobile devices

How to Address Connected Consumer Pain Points

About only a third consumers who say they intend to purchase a connected product actually make the purchase. De-risk the consumer product purchase to better equip customer adaptation within the smart ecosystem.

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young woman sitting on couch using mobile device

Utilitarians: Connected Consumers with Desire for Simple, Smart Products

Connected tech has changed the way people live. Meet the Utilitarians, a segment of connected consumers looking for simple connected devices and holistic technology solutions in the connected world.

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man sitting down with tablet receiving support from another man beside him

Breaking the Technophobe’s Barrier to Connected Tech

We’ve identified key customers and how they feel about the connected products and services they interact with. Meet the technophobe, who can no longer hide behind their fears of connected technology on account of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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woman changing temperature of home using mounted tablet device

At the Heart of the Connected Ecosystem: Enabling Interoperability

With the advent of 5G, companies will have more connectivity, options, and speed to engage customers. But consumers continue to be frustrated with connected devices. Connected living companies need to offer better support services.

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