Properties can address new concerns with confidence.

Assurant's insights show that concerns of property management companies have evolved as COVID-19 takes its course. Properties are grappling with finding new residents and maintaining existing ones, prioritizing updates that will suit a world now at home and, most primarily, managing debt. Fill out the form on this page to dive into what changes we're seeing and how to approach concerns head-on.

Insights from the eBook:

  • Current trends in home ownership vs. renting
  • Actionable takeaways for gaining new residents and renewing leases
  • Ways to prioritize amenities updates that will win new residents and drive NOI
  • Solutions for managing bad debt

Properties' Top Pain Points Are Shifting

A recent Assurant study indicated a shift in pain points for property management companies. We found that properties are struggling with:

  • Reducing bad debt
  • Improving profitability or NOI
  • Billing and collecting rent
  • Evictions and the eviction moratorium
  • Resident satisfaction and retention

Get in touch with our team of multifamily experts to learn about how Assurant can provide solutions to your top pain points.