As a People Partner at Assurant, I believe in the value of investing in our workforce and fostering talent. Assurant’s commitment toward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is an additional driving force within our organization’s culture because its impact makes Assurant a stronger, more innovative place to work.

As Assurant continues to make strides toward our goal of building a more diverse workforce, creating a more equitable and inclusive culture not only for our employees, we’re also driving change within the communities where we live and serve across the globe.

In our journey toward fostering this inclusive and equitable culture, we’ve expanded our DEI footprint in 2022 through the introduction of Employee Resource Groups.


In our journey toward fostering this inclusive and equitable culture, we’ve expanded our DEI footprint in 2022 through the introduction of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). In March, we collectively celebrated the introduction of the Women@Assurant ERG, which mobilized over 900 memberships of women and allies alike at the time of launch.

But, the work has just begun and I’m proud to share some of the recent momentum we’ve seen in identifying and nurturing different perspectives across the workforce at Assurant. When we harness the collective strength of our unique differences to work together, we unlock creative potential, making our community stronger.

It’s with this focus and vision that I’m proud to share announce of the Veterans@Assurant (V@A) ERG, which officially launched on July 4th of this year.

As an Air Force Veteran myself, I join the ERG as Vice Chair for Veterans@Assurant, along with the following talented individuals:

Together, with our to-date 116 members of veterans and allies, our mission is to:

Foster a sense of belonging, engagement and empowerment for Assurant veterans, military families and allies. And to cultivate a strong community that embraces veterans in our workplace, driving outward engagement with veteran programs while adding enrichment to the Assurant Way.

Upon the initial launch, V@A ERG Leaders were eager to welcome new members and share their enthusiasm. Here’s a brief video of what they had to say:



Please join me in CONGRATULATING the team as they embark on this amazing journey to create a supportive community that serves our veterans through recruitment and retention efforts, professional growth and networking opportunities, company veteran awareness and community engagement and outreach.

 Here are some inspirational voices from a few ERG members:

“I am looking forward to being part of a new group that will further show how Assurant cares for their employees and the community. As a 24-year retired vet, the Veterans ERG is a great opportunity to better enlighten our veterans with what programs are out there and the sharing of information across our workforce. 
– Ronnette Blair-Bess, Unit Manager

 "I 'm excited for the future of Assurant as the ERG Veterans group will bring together all members of our Armed Forces to foster more community and engagement across the company. All veterans have unique needs and have various experiences they bring from their time in service and it's how we come together as a team to help support one another that will help to improve, grow, and support each other and complete the mission of our company. Semper Fi! " 
– Jody Gardner, Operations Manager

 “As a 12-year veteran of the United States Army, I could not be more excited to participate in the new Veterans ERG! The opportunity to bring members of all branches of service together to share our individual experiences is truly special and unique in comparison to other organizations. As veterans, it can be difficult to identify the support that is available to us or that we need. Through the Veterans ERG we will be able to educate all members on available resources and learn from each other, fostering growth and development. The creation of this new ERG group along with current and future ERG groups further confirms Assurant’s commitment to its employees. This We’ll Defend!” 
–   Joshua Phillips, Manager, Compliance Testing & Monitoring

Veterans@Assurant aims to create a community to support and serve our veterans through:

  •  Recruitment and retention efforts
  • Professional growth and networking opportunities
  • Company veteran awareness
  • Community engagement and outreach

Please visit Assurant’s Diversity page for more information as our ERG continues to evolve.