New Data Report: F&I’s Role in Digital Retailing

Optimizing the shift to digital at your dealership

F&I's role in online car shopping

Get access to exclusive industry research to help your team:

  • Explore the online F&I marketing tools needed to address consumer needs
  • Understand what 92% of buyers want to learn about F&I products online
  • See the data in which digital retailing resources customers want most
  • Learn what messages turn online car shoppers into car buyers
  • Discover four common mindsets of online customers

As a result of COVID-19, the shift to digital has gone into overdrive. Digital retailing is no longer a growing trend, but a must-have for automotive retailers.

80%-90% of dealers will fully adopt e-commerce by 2021

80%-90% of customers want more online options in the buying experience
92% of buyers want to learn about F&I online
75% would buy a protection product after seeing an explanation video

How can dealers enhance a long-term digital retailing strategy?

After rushing to implement ways to drive F&I sales online at the onset of COVID-19, dealers across the country are now deciding which digital retailing tactics will be most impactful for their businesses moving forward. To help dealerships solidify an approach that drives PVR and net profitability, the Assurant team conducted nationwide consumer research on the role of F&I in the digital retailing process.

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