Where Digital Retailing Fits Into the Customer Journey

6 Steps to the Omnichannel F&I Deal

Over the last several years, Assurant has conducted multiple nationwide studies to understand car buying trends before and during COVID-19. We've created a series of research reports, including this one, to share the results with you as we work together to evolve your omnichannel strategy and improve performance.
Part of an infographic, showing step 1 of 6 with text nd imagery.

Exclusive Assurant Research Outlines:

  • 6 key steps in the car buying journey & what buyers need from you during each step
  • Most desired marketing materials and how consumers respond to them
  • Ways to respond to customer needs to increase the likelihood of closing the F&I deal
  • Why mobile needs to be a part of your omnichannel strategy
  • The post-sale opportunity you may not be thinking of

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