Assurant Vehicle Care Online

The mobile app that connects your dealership to drivers

Dealership mobile apps can be costly. So we built one for you.

Assurant® Vehicle Care Online mobile app is designed to keep you connected to your customers over the lifetime of their vehicle ownership. It helps you increase repeat business with the ability to do things like send maintenance reminders directly to your customers’ mobile devices. Assurant Vehicle Care Online helps drive loyalty to your dealership while making it easier for your customers to manage their vehicles. With Assurant Vehicle Care Online, you’ll have more opportunities to build profitability today and down the road.

Build Customer Loyalty and Drive Service Revenue

To get repeat business that drives revenue and performance, you need a way to stay connected to your customers and provide ongoing value to their vehicle ownership experience after the sale. Assurant Vehicle Care online allows you to easily send timely maintenance reminders and safety recall notifications to increase service lane traffic and keep your customers coming back.

Strengthen Core F&I Offers

Assurant Vehicle Care Online makes your F&I products more attractive by providing the mobile-first, digital experience that customers want.

Use the mobile app to: 

  • Complement OEM apps while working for all vehicle makes and models
  • Simplify claims management through in-app status updates

Assurant Vehicle Care Online Features

Leave program management to us.

We develop the app, provide access to expert technical support, handle administrative details, and deliver customer insight and analysis.

Top features in the Assurant Vehicle Care Online mobile app include:


  • Maintenance Manager - Drive service revenue with maintenance alerts and reminders
  • Customer Notifications – Automated recall alerts
  • Digital Glovebox – Provide your customers with a way to store and access vehicle related documents like policies and service receipts.
  • Claims Management – Simplify claims by allowing customers to report a protection policy claim and get status updates directly through the app.

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