Optimize Your Trade-in and Upgrade Program

Trade-in offers are an increasingly important part of the economic equation for incentivizing consumers to upgrade their devices. Mobile carriers with optimized trade-in and upgrade programs can offer their customers better value, encourage demand and generate revenue from new devices. 

At the same time, the right asset disposition program can monetize reverse logistics by reselling legacy devices into secondary markets. The trend toward upgraded devices will only accelerate as carriers adopt 5G to improve services and networks. 

Carriers with the right offers will be better positioned to gain brand loyalty and capture new market share in the 5G era and beyond.  

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Optimize trade-in value

by reselling used phones across 21 countries
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Improve upgrade rates

with tailored incentives

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Drive customer retention

with 20% higher trade-in offers

A Data-Driven Pricing Model

The performance of your trade-in and upgrade program is no place for complacency. That's why we employ an innovative, proprietary, data-driven approach that continually optimizes results. Through AI machine learning and data analytics, our global pricing engine works at the point of sale, providing an optimal price point that stimulates trade-in while maintaining margin. 


This approach consistently beats competitor pricing for device trade-ins by 20% or more while still leaving room to optimize the sale of your legacy devices.

Used phones are moved quickly at the highest possible price throughout our global distribution network. As a result, you get greater value from legacy devices while maximizing revenue from customer upgrades. 

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Program Management that Delivers

Building or enhancing a successful trade-in and upgrade program requires you to evaluate every aspect of your mobile business, from trade-in solutions to device processing and liquidation. 
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With Assurant, your program operates on:

  • Industry-leading price modeling based on machine learning and data analytics  
  • Optimal trade-in offers that stimulate upgrades at a profit 
  • Timely disposition of legacy devices at the highest possible price  
  • Decreased exposure to excess and obsolete equipment 

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