The Future of Flood: A Growing Private Market

The private flood market grew more than 50% in 2017 as agents proactively prepared for changes to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) - and it’s continuing to grow. At Assurant, we’re seeing growing interest from agents in contracting to offer private flood products for residential, RCBAP and commercial properties.


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Fortune 500 Financial Stability
Our agents know we'll honor valid claims and be there year after year because we're a long-term partner backed by $32 billion market cap
Deep Flood Know-How
With 40+ years in the flood business, we know the market and have the connections to help you navigate change and plan for the future.
Unparalleled Ingenuity
Developing new products, like the ability to write policies without an elevation certificate, industry-first Flex Cash, & 2 pending patents for 2018.
Industry-Best Customer Service
Readily-available expertise and fast, priority claims processing for your policyholders should be the norm. Here, it is.
Responsible Risk Methodology
Taking a long-term view of all the risk we put on our books ensures that we can be a stable, long-term partner for your business.
Comprehensive Product Set
We have the products, technology, and innovative add-ons to help you stand out from the crowd and manage your business strategically.