Appliances & Home Furnishings

Point-of-sale protection that drives customer loyalty

Protection that Decreases Returns and Increases Revenue

Every year, product returns cost retailers unnecessary time, money, and customer loyalty. The revenue impact of returned purchases is only compounded during periods when consumer spending slows. 

To help retailers address these issues, Assurant provides protection, service & repairs, and support to consumers who purchase new appliances and home furnishings. Our solutions decrease returns, generate new purchase demand, and keep your customers coming back for more.

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Increase Revenue

with add-on products like protection and support for each transaction.

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Generate Demand

with trade-in and upgrade incentives to prompt new purchases.

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Reduce Returns

with tech support to help customers set up, connect, and install new products.

Solutions that Drive Online and In-Store Attachment Rates

Protection products are only as good as the sales process that supports them. Not to brag, but we think ours is the best. Our sales optimization process is proven to increase your revenue while our protection products increase your customer satisfaction ratings.

Appliance & Furnishings Protection

Drive online and in-store attachment rates.

  • Covers almost anything a customer can buy in a store
  • Currently protects 92M appliances and electronics worldwide
  • Leverages a proprietary sales optimization program that's proven to increase sales and attachment rates online and in store
  • The boring stuff - like underwriting and regulatory compliance - is covered in-house to give you more flexibility and control in your coverage details
  • Built on more than 40 years of experience with appliances and furniture protection products
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Learn More About Protection for Appliances & Home Furnishings

Let's discuss how we can help you drive greater customer value.

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