ATLANTA, July 23, 2013—T-Mobile US, Inc. recently announced its innovative JUMP!™ upgrade program. In addition to upgrades, JUMP! protects customers against loss, theft, accidental damage and malfunction. JUMP! provides the freedom for customers to upgrade their phones when they want, up to twice per year as soon as six months after enrollment. The program is designed to provide customers with total protection for one of their most prized possessions: their smartphones. In addition to upgrades, JUMP! protects customers against loss, theft, accidental damage and malfunction. These protection services are administered by Assurant Solutions, a premier global provider of mobile protection products and services. JUMP! also provides Mobile Security, including antivirus, data backup, missing device solutions, and more.

"Two years is too long to wait for a new phone and with JUMP! consumers now have access to the latest and greatest technology when they want, plus they get exceptional security and protection," said Roger Brown, vice president, Handset Insurance & Financing, T-Mobile US, Inc. "We chose to partner with Assurant Solutions on this offering because they have tremendous expertise in developing mobile protection solutions for global carriers, and we are confident that this program will add significant value to the T-Mobile customer experience."

Well-qualified T-Mobile customers can enroll in JUMP! with Premium Handset Protection for just $10 per month per device when they purchase a new T-Mobile phone with an accompanying Equipment Installment Plan. This is less than most customers were paying for handset protection alone before JUMP.

"We're thrilled that our protection products are included with JUMP!," said Manny Becerra, president of the Mobile Services business of Assurant Solutions. "This launch further solidifies the relationship between T-Mobile and Assurant Solutions. Earlier this year we helped T-Mobile launch a program that lowers the cost of a new device by allowing consumers to trade in an old one. Last year, we were pleased to assist T-Mobile in launching its Monthly4G protection for prepaid subscribers. With the new JUMP! program, we are delivering even more protection for T-Mobile customers."

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