Assurant Partners with Nonprofit Nobis Works on Electronics Recycling Program, Supports Jobs Creation for Those with Disabilities

As part of a company-wide effort to recycle technology assets, Assurant recently partnered with Reworx, Nobis Works’ electronics recycling program. In addition to helping companies recycle used laptops and other computer equipment, the Atlanta-based Nobis Works is a nonprofit that helps individuals with disabilities gain employment and contribute to the greater business community.

Reworx_workerinaction_DSC_0007 A Reworx employee gathers computer parts at a pickup in Duluth, Ga.

Although Assurant recycles computers and technology at offices across the enterprise, the company’s partnership with Reworx is unique in that it helps keep electronic equipment from landfills while also providing jobs to people who may not otherwise find gainful employment. After completing pickups in the metro-Atlanta area and in Florence, South Carolina, which included removal and shredding of hard drives at the Assurant locations, the Reworx team collected and broke down approximately 920 laptops and 1,460 desktop computers. 

A hard drive is shredded during a pickup in Duluth, Ga.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Assurant in their electronics recycling efforts,” said Mike Daniels, vice president of strategic development at Nobis Works and Reworx. “Assurant is not only committing to helping to protect the environment, but also supporting Nobis Works and our mission to provide employment and job training to people with severe disabilities and give back to the community by removing individuals from public assistance.”

FeatureImage_Reworx_SimmonsDaytonFrom left, Troy Simmons, director, technology, and David Dayton, vice president, technology services, attend a recycling pickup at Assurant’s corporate office in Atlanta

“Partnering with Reworx on this great program provides Assurant the opportunity to help members of the community in need while doing something great for the environment,” said David Dayton, vice president of technology services at Assurant. “We look forward to continuing this partnership and hope to expand to other locations.”