To bring bright smiles to disadvantaged children in Mexico, Assurant Solutions Mexico recently assembled and donated 250 dental hygiene kits to World Vision’s dental care project.

Assurant Solutions Mexico employees assemble dental hygiene kits for World Vision's Bright Smiles program.

World Vision, an international relief organization, launched the Bright Smiles program to address the oral health issues of underprivileged children. Basic care packages filled with toothpaste, a toothbrush and dental floss for children through the elementary school system are distributed through the program.

“We are not talking about addressing aesthetic issues. We are talking about addressing a significant health issue through the Bright Smiles program. This effort helps improves the well being of children in need and provides them a better future,” said Guillermo Lozano, social responsibility coordinator of World Vision. “It’s about the lives we can change, and we’re grateful to work with a company like Assurant Solutions. Thanks to their donation, the organization reached its first-year goal of 500 kits.”

The Bright Smiles project was part of the wellness pillar of the Assurant Solutions Mexico Employee Value Proposition. Under the wellness pillar, employees suggest and implement various projects with the support of the company in areas such as social responsibility, sustainable environment, health, benefits (discounts) and working environment. Employees chose to focus on health, education and children’s rights, and World Vision was one of three organizations identified as a vehicle to improve the health and wellbeing of children. Assurant Solutions Mexico employees raised funds to purchase the needed supplies and assembled the dental hygiene kits for distribution to children in Tijuana, Mexico.

“We strongly believe that healthy children lead to healthy adults,” said Claudia Bravo, Human Resources director at Assurant Solutions Mexico. “By helping to improve the health of children and their families we can help them improve their communities and their futures.”

World Vision partners with companies such as Assurant Solutions to provide health outreach to children and their families in 100 communities in Mexico and states in America. Such partnerships help the organization work to help children overcome poverty through education, nutrition and health.

In large migrant communities such as Tijuana, children often lack the basic necessities and the knowledge to stay healthy. To increase awareness of the value of oral hygiene, World Vision conducts educational sessions for the children and their families after the dental kits are distributed.