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Topic: Tech Support

Modern Home in the foreground with a smart home key pad on the wall

Connected Consumers: Help Them Catch up to the Future of Smart Homes

What is the rise in smart home technology? Mobile carriers, cable companies, MSOs, retailers and e-tailers, and OEMs should stay agile to guide connected consumers through their tech dependency in building not just a smart home, but an intelligent one.

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Digital Twin Technology: Delivering Certainty in an Uncertain World

Digital twin technology enables enterprises to improve efficiency and performance, to transform homes and connected lifestyles.

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Home Sweet (Smart) Home

A few years ago, smart in-home amenities seemed futuristic. Today, smart amenities have become a standard necessity to consumers while looking for a home.

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Offering Tech Support for Smart Amenities

Renters are now searching for the convenience and connectivity that comes with smart amenities. Tech support is now an expectation for those in search of their new homes and the amenities that come with it.

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Person helping another person using tablet

Connected Consumer Frustrations Rise With Tech Use

Along with the growth of consumer interest in connected technology, the need for tech support has substantially increased, leading to a market opportunity.

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How to Address Connected Consumer Pain Points

About only a third consumers who say they intend to purchase a connected product actually make the purchase. De-risk the consumer product purchase to better equip customer adaptation within the smart ecosystem.

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