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Before Visiting Your Property, Renters Have Formed An Opinion

If you're looking to get the attention of prospective renters, you'll want to start with your online presence. Read on to find out just how important your property's online presence can be to getting more leases signed.

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Meet the Downsizer Renter Type

Downsizers, one of the five renter personas we identified in our Assurant research, will need the property manager and leasing staff's help in making the transition from their own, private home to a shared apartment community.

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How Property Managers Can Mitigate the Impact of COVID-19

The pandemic lent us valuable findings on renters which allows us to suggest ways you can create a deeper and stronger connection with your renters.

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Home Sweet (Smart) Home

A few years ago, smart in-home amenities seemed futuristic. Today, smart amenities have become a standard necessity to consumers while looking for a home.

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Offering Tech Support for Smart Amenities

Renters are now searching for the convenience and connectivity that comes with smart amenities. Tech support is now an expectation for those in search of their new homes and the amenities that come with it.

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Mandated Security Deposit Alternatives Could be Beneficial for Both Property Managers and Residents

Recognizing the financial challenges of security deposits for residents, the government is considering legislation requiring property managers to offer alternative ways to secure housing. Here's why this could be beneficial to you and your residents.

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