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Topic: Emerging Technology

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Corporate Life Hack: Use Generative AI and Machine Learning to Prioritize Human Connections

If human connection and AI or machine learning sound like oxymorons to you, you’re not alone. Here are three shifts in consumer expectations and the results we’ve seen while integrating generative AI (gen AI) and machine learning to meet new expectations.

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Why It's Harder than You Think to Meet the Growing Demand for Mobility Solutions

The growing demand for mobility solutions has created a gap in the way mid-market and enterprise companies manage their employee-issued technology.

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AI Competitive Advantage: How to Innovate Beyond Products

Manny Becerra, Assurant’s Chief Innovation Officer discusses Assurant's approach and philosophy toward AI and innovation. He offers insights beyond product innovation with expert advice on product, process, and culture.

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Why Our Expert Thinks Properly Applying AI and Automation Should Be A Little … Boring

Q&A with Pete Bremer, Assurant’s VP of Global Automation Engineering discusses AI automation and improved decision-making at Assurant's device care centers.

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F&I’s Role in The Next EV Wave

Our report outlines factors driving EV car demand and the opportunities they’re opening for your dealership’s F&I team. Learn more about EV market trends and the opportunities they’re opening for your dealership’s F&I team.

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Mobile Technology Supply Chain

Refurbished Mobile Devices: Secrets to a Successful Supply Chain

Agile supply chain strategies can reduce operational costs by up to 30 percent, reduce lost sales by 75 percent and decrease inventories by up to 75 percent.

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