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Topic: Emerging Technology

virtual online apartment layout birds eye view

How Property Managers Can Mitigate the Impact of COVID-19

The pandemic lent us valuable findings on renters which allows us to suggest ways you can create a deeper and stronger connection with your renters.

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Modern Home in the foreground with a smart home key pad on the wall

Connected Consumers: Help Them Catch up to the Future of Smart Homes

What is the rise in smart home technology? Mobile carriers, cable companies, MSOs, retailers and e-tailers, and OEMs should stay agile to guide connected consumers through their tech dependency in building not just a smart home, but an intelligent one.

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Technology Computer graphic

Digital Twin Technology: Delivering Certainty in an Uncertain World

Digital twin technology enables enterprises to improve efficiency and performance, to transform homes and connected lifestyles.

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graphic of infinity sign with arrow and plants representing circular economy

Earth Day: Investing in Our Planet by Embracing the Circular Economy

At Assurant, we're committed to environmental progress in everything we do. Read to find out how we embrace the circular economy for a positive environmental impact.

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One hand handing another hand a mobile device

2021 Annual and Q4 Mobile Trade-In and Upgrade Data Trends Review

Review Assurant's mobile trade-in and upgrade report insights to find out about our highest quarterly and annual numbers we have seen to date

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Graphic of web of people connected around the globe

People Around the World Agree: Tech Is Improving Life

COVID-19 pushed the adoption of connected products around the world. As technology accelerated globally, Assurant consumer trends show, for the first time in 6 years, people have a positive view of connected technology.

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