Thank you for your interest in buying from Assurant.


As the industry leading mobile device reseller, Assurant is committed to providing world-class solutions for every step of the buying process. This includes our New Buyer Application process. To meet the growing demand for entry to Assurant’s purchasing platform, Assurant is currently leveraging internal and external resources to redesign our New Buyer Application Submission and Review Process.


Please submit your company details using the link below to receive a notification once our New Buyer Application process is reinstated.

​Information collected during the application process will adhere to our Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy details our data collection practices and the steps the Supplier adheres to in order to protect the Reseller's information. It is our policy to comply with all anti-money laundering laws, U.S. export compliance regulations, and to screen each Applicant for restricted or sanctioned parties through the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control.

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