Assurant’s COVID-19 Response

We're Here to Help

At Assurant, we’re doing our part to help stem the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the risk it poses to the customers, businesses, and communities we serve, as well as our employees who are dedicated to serving each of these groups. That’s why we’re social distancing and applying recommended procedures to safeguard our employees, maintain our operations and ensure that we’ll be here when you need us.  Should you need to make a claim, we have call center agents standing by and self-service options for your convenience.

We understand that these are difficult times. If you’ve experienced financial hardship as a result of COVID-19, you may have options, including an extension of premium grace periods, waiver of late payment fees, suspension of cancellation for non-payment and/or non-renewal underwriting actions, and continuation of coverage for expiring policies. For more information, please contact the company through which you currently make your coverage payment.

See below for state-specific information:

State Specific Information

New York


New Jersey

Notice to New Jersey Insurance Policyholders
Grace Period and Payment Accommodations


New Jersey insurance policyholders may elect a 90-day emergency grace period to begin retroactively on April 1, 2020 or opt for the grace period to begin on May 1, 2020. During this extended grace period, an insurance policy shall not be cancelled for nonpayment.


Other accommodations include:

Waiving late payment fees otherwise due, and not report late payments to credit rating agencies, during the 90-day period;

Allowing premiums due but not paid during the 90-day period to be paid over the remainder of the current policy term or up to 12 months in up to 12 equal installments, whichever is longer; and

Ensuring that late payments during the 90-day period will not be considered in any future premium calculations at any time (i.e. applicable late payments should not be counted for any rating, pricing, tiering attributes, etc.).