The convenience and connectivity that comes with smart amenities is something that more and more renters are searching for. And since they could need help setting up or troubleshooting issues, renters may be drawn more to properties that provide helpful technical support. 

People are Enjoying Highly Functional Homes

From using in-home cameras to check on pets to controlling the thermostat with a quick swipe on a mobile device, people are more connected to their homes than ever. And many people are spending even more time in their homes nowadays with the “work from home” status quickly becoming business as usual. 

Graph of work from home status from 2019 and into the future

predictions that full-time work from home will triple if pandemic continues and will double if pandemic is controlled

Do Renters Expect Tech Support for Smart Amenities? 

Since more people are working from home, they’re looking for smart rental properties that mirror the office—including dependable tech support. 

Whether it’s onboarding, connecting a mobile device, or troubleshooting issues, renters’ tech support needs have changed over the last year, and will continue to change into the future. So, when offering convenient WiFi-connected devices, you should also provide expert assistance for these products. This will help keep renters stress-free and ensure smart devices are getting the best technical attention. 

Graph on how renters needed help with installing or setting up wifi-connected products

Graph on how renters needed help with installing or setting up wifi-connected products

The amount of professional tech support needed for a variety of services grew from 2019 to 2020, and it will most likely stay on that same path for years to come. 

Renters who have never needed an in-home tech support visit dropped from 2019 to 2020, by about 50% or more.

Providing Renters with Convenient Tech Support

There is a growing expectation for an IT support team to be provided so that renters do not have to seek out and pay for their own tech support. Having access to this type of service can be one of the useful amenities that could sway someone to choose one rental property over another. 

Plus, younger generations are even more likely to expect their buildings to offer reliable tech support. 

Graph on increase in renters wanting access to an IT support team

Text: There was a 71% lift in strong preference for tech support provided by rental property.

Younger generations prefer to get their tech support from the rental property

a woman working on a laptop

Connectivity is King

Discover what you need to know to keep up with renters’ connectivity needs, wants and expectations


Stay Ahead of the Competition and Give Renters What They Need 

Keeping renters happy is always a top priority. One way you can do this is to provide amenities and technical support that help make their lives easier. The sooner, the better— because we predict that tech support will become a new standard at rental properties over the next decade. 

To stay ahead of the curve, you should consider providing tech support along with the most in-demand smart amenities. This will not only strengthen your reputation, but it will also keep more renters in your buildings and help your properties stand out to those searching for the right home. 

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