California Privacy Rights Metrics

This page provides metrics on the number of privacy rights requests received and processed for residents of California for calendar year 2023.


Note that the chart below does not include metrics for The Right to Opt-out of the Sale or Sharing and the Right to Limit Use of Personal Information because Assurant does not:

  1. Sell personal information
  2. Share personal information for online behavior advertising purposes unless you opt-in by enabling the placement of Advertising Data Technologies.
  3. Collect, use or otherwise process sensitive personal information other than as permitted by law or with your consent.
  4. Use sensitive personal information for secondary purposes or profiling.

See our Privacy Notice for more information.


Type of Request Total Number of Requests ReceivedTotal Number of Requests AcceptedTotal Number of Requests RejectedAverage time to complete
Right to Delete1310327 Days
Right to Know22022 Days
Right to Correct0000